Welcome to my site! My mission is to educate the masses in how to live a life style of healthy living through proper nutrition, physical fitness, and stress reduction. I do not promote a diet so much as I do a healthy life style where you learn to manage your body weight through good nutritional habits and exercise. I teach to “Make your world small” in order to ease the burden of day to day stresses of living. To control that which you can and to consider all else superfluous clutter which should be eliminated.

David’s Way

My methodology is nothing new under the sun when you factor in that it is just the way how life used to be. What I promote is basically how many of our Grandmothers would have advised us, and that is; Eat healthy whole foods. High protein, low carbohydrates and little to no sugar except when maybe having an OCCASIONAL treat on a special occasion. For those in the weight loss mode, I promote Intermittent Fasting, which if done on the 16:8 protocol is once your dinner is done in the evening, you are done eating until tomorrow, period. Eat what you need to fuel your day, no more and no less. And lastly, get up and move your body whether it is walking, running, engaging in a sport or weight training.

Through my writings, I share nutritional and exercise advice as well as meal ideas that fit a high protein low carb protocol.


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