Welcome to my site! My mission is to educate the masses in how to live a life style of healthy living through proper nutrition, physical fitness, and stress reduction. I do not promote a diet so much as I do a healthy life style where you learn to manage your body weight through good nutritional habits and exercise. I teach to “Make your world small” in order to ease the burden of day to day stresses of living. To control that which you can and to consider all else superfluous clutter which should be eliminated.

David’s Way

My methodology is nothing new under the sun when you factor in that it is just the way how life used to be. What I promote is basically how many of our Grandmothers would have advised us, and that is; Eat healthy whole foods. High protein, low carbohydrates and little to no sugar except when maybe having an OCCASIONAL treat on a special occasion. For those in the weight loss mode, I promote Intermittent Fasting, which if done on the 16:8 protocol is once your dinner is done in the evening, you are done eating until tomorrow, period. Eat what you need to fuel your day, no more and no less. And lastly, get up and move your body whether it is walking, running, engaging in a sport or weight training.

This blog was started last May and there have been many changes since then. We frequently tell you how to use certain functions of the blog but it bears repeating for our new Followers and possibly some of you who haven’t quite gotten the feel of it yet.

Before we begin the tour of the “Menu” button, I want you to understand that you can go to the “Search” box and search for anything on your mind:

You can enter “Brownies”, “Strength Training”, “Stress”… whatever word comes to mind and if that word is anywhere in an article on the blog, those articles will pop up. There’s more than one brownie recipe, by the way… 🙂

This is the “Menu” button that is visible on some phones. If you are on another device you may just have tabs for the various functions. Just tap or click that to open up to this:

Notice the entry, “Calorie Counter Pro”:

Enter your information to receive a download, or possibly an email, or both to give you the number of calories that you need to lose, or gain, 1-2 lbs./week. I strongly encourage you to go for 1 lb./week. This is a lifestyle. There is no hurry. If you go for 1 lb. the program will be easier to assimilate.

At the end of the “Calorie Counter Pro” you will find a chart that tells you how many calories you burn for specific activities. This list is expansive and and includes “Gym Activities”, “Outdoor Activities”, “Home and Daily Life Activities” and “Home Repair”. David worked a long time to give you a tool to estimate your calorie burn. Take advantage of this resource. Sometimes we struggle with our weight because we over- estimate the calories that we burn.


Next, let’s look at the “Forum” tab:


This is where you can start a discussion or contribute to a discussion. Keep it on the topic of health and wellness and keep it family friendly. David’s Way is a safe place for everyone. Just tap or click the highlighted “David’s Way Forum” phrase under “Talking About Wellness”.


We also have the “Contact” function where you can contact us directly:

We will reply, most likely both of us. You will have the unique advantage of both a male and female perspective and we are both Certified Nutrition/Wellness Consultants.

If you tap the “Home” button you will find our purpose for being here. It is our Mission Statement. You will also be able to view our Certification.

If you tap “Blog” you will open up to the most recent blog post, skipping the “Home” page.

I hope this helps you navigate David’s Way. We put our hearts into the pages of this blog in the hope of changing the world to be a healthier place. Too many people die at their own hands by the choices that they make every day. These choices can be changed. It’s up to us, you and I, as individuals and as a health oriented group of thinkers who continually search for ways to better our lives. Join us. You will be glad you did. ;-*