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My name is David, I am a 54 year old retired military Veteran who has been on a weight loss/management journey on the Weight Watchers program for the last nine months. I have been involved on their awesome social media, Connect, but have decided to begin blogging my personal experience and ideas on a forum of my own where I can just be myself without self censoring in order to not offend others on a forum which is not my own. Just to be blunt, I can be pretty coarse and salty at times. On Connect, you always stand the risk of censoring for language and or content. Another thing about Connect which I am getting away from is too many folks either do not get, or are offended by my direct messages. I am not insensitive to people, but the bottom line is I care more about being real than I do about feelings. I would rather be honest than not, therefore I will kick it to you real every time and not blow smoke up your ass just in order to make you feel good about yourself.

In full transparency in regards to weight training information I will share on my blog, I am an avid reader and have studied multiple coaches and strength training authors. The workouts I do are either what I have learned from these gentlemen or a combination of their routines. The coaches and authors I follow are Jeff Cavalier, Steve Shaw, Mark Rippetoe, Bill Star, Jim Wendler, Louie Simmons, Glen Pendlay and several others. First and foremost, I want to ensure it is known that all I do with the barbell is what I have learned from these men of knowledge.

In regards to most other fitness related topics, my life has revolved around being as physically fit as possible. My military career depended on my level of fitness. Although I have had a few times in adult life where my fitness has suffered like a lot of folks, most of my adult years have been lived with a hard core physical fitness regimen. After being on Connect for these last 9 months, I want to share my experience with others in the hopes of reaching a few who are like minded yet might lack the knowledge or experience to be the best individual they can possibly become.

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