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In the words of my old HCS-4 Red Wolf Command Master Chief Mike Wagner, Results count, everything else is bullshit. Well, as evidenced in my picture above, I have achieved great results on Weight Watchers, no bullshit. Specifically my best weight loss has come from their program change to Free Style where a few daily smart points were taken away, but 200 foods were given zero points. I now weigh 174 pounds with only 10% body fat.

I am always somewhat perplexed when I hear folks say that Free Style does not work for them. I have yet to see anyone really give a straight answer as to why they believe it does not work for them. Yet I suspect I already know why anyhow. I always wonder how many of the folks complaining it does not work have actually taken the time to read up on what they need to do in order to successfully work the program. I wonder how many believe that zero points is a free ride to eat as much as they want while ignoring the basic truth that fat loss or gain is still a matter of calories consumed vs calories burned. How many of these folks are trying to eat 23 to 28 points of sugar laden crap and then filling up on zero point foods and greatly exceeding their caloric needs for the day. Weight Watchers has spent a great deal of time and research before launching this program. I would go out on a limb and say these folks for the most part either just simply hate change, or they have not taken the time to educate themselves on how to work the program. I would advise anyone who is struggling with Free Style to go back over the course of a couple weeks and add up all their daily caloric intake and see where they are making the mistake and then fix it. It is basic nutrition and not rocket science.

I have had great success and have often been asked what I do and how I do it. I do intermittent fasting on the 16:8 protocol and eat a high protein diet with zero simple carbs, or refined sugar. The carbs I do eat are complex, or slow burning, and often I will try to pair them with a fat to further inhibit their effect on blood sugar and insulin. Sometimes I do not know whether to be pissed or humored when folks ask for advice because “They can not lose” and then they get all butt hurt when I advise them to drop the sugar. I had one individual not only unfriend me on Facebook, blocked me on Connect, and then spread lies about me being very rude. Good Lord, I only made a suggestion, not an enforceable command. A lot of folks think that what I promote is too restrictive, and despite their lack of success and asking me how to succeed, they flat out refuse to quit sugar. That’s perfectly fine, it is your life and I do not give that much of a damn if you heed my advice or not. But, it is pretty fucking lame to follow me on Connect for any given time, to see what I do and expect for me to advise anything different than how I live my life personally. If you believe you can control your sugar intake, more power to you. But do not sit back and publicly proclaim a program does not work while still filling your gut with it. If you have lacked self control with sugar and got fat and out of shape in the first place, what makes you believe you can now control it forever and to never regain the weight you may or may not have lost. It is no different than the hard core drunken alcoholic who now thinks he can have a couple drinks once or twice a week and never return to being a drunken slob. Go ahead Skippy, you are only kidding yourself.

My accountability for food intake and exercise for the day; 36 points for 2354 calories, 91g fat, 150.7g carbs, and 235.5g protein. I did not have any weight training scheduled for the day, but went to the wife and got in some cardio. I ended up jogging on a treadmill for 40 minutes after doing 20 pull ups and 20 body weight dips.

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  1. Brenda Reaves says:

    Yes, you are living proof that Freestyle works and that #davidsway works…You are a good spokesman for both. I agree that folks who don’t like Freestyle are probably hooked on massive amounts of sugar because the sugar “eats” SP and when they’re gone, they gone. It’s easy to run through Weeklies and FitPoints with sugar.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m going to make it a point to keep up with your blog…
    You’ve inspired me to get back in the gym.
    I had a hard time with freestyle at first….. then I read the clear directions on the ww app and followed your process of adding up my caloric intake for the day. I was shocked how quick healthy foods, 0 point foods can add up! I will especially be coordinating my food if I am going to start lifting and doing regular cardio again!
    Be safe on the road driver….. looking forward to staying focused and heading down the right road to goal!

    1. davidyochim says:

      This is wonderful to hear. I am glad that you are on the road to success.

  3. Shannon says:

    Simply fabulous, David!! From beginning to end!! I am looking forward to the next blog entry. The no excuses, no bullshit attitude is my favorite.
    Rock n roll, baby!

    1. davidyochim says:

      Thanks Shannon, I hope to entertain as well as to inform. I promise all anyone will ever get out of me is full frontal and brutal honesty.

      1. Shannon says:

        Perfect, baby!!

  4. Brenda Reaves says:

    I have removed sugar from my son’s diet, again. He’s a different person.

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