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The picture is my breakfast this morning which is something I eat three maybe four days a week in different variations. It was three scrambled eggs with eight ounces of catfish, four ounces of shrimp, black bean and corn salsa topped with habanero hot sauce. I had a friend ask me a few days ago if I ever get tired of eating eggs and fish so often. To which I asked if she ever got tired of her Pop Tarts and chocolate milk. And don’t you just know her snappy retort was she does not have the time for cooking. This breakfast took me a grand total of thirteen long ass minutes to prepare this morning. Damn, where did my day disappear to? Maybe those minutes were lost to that same mysterious place where your last clean sock seems to go missing on the day before laundry day? Oh yeah, this interaction happened with someone who professes to be trying to lose weight. Dream on fancy britches, you aint doing shit while eating Pop Tarts and chocolate milk every morning, even if, you are tracking them. But, what the fuck do I know, right? Hell I’m just a retired soldier and a truck driver…

I enjoy trying to help others with health and wellness in their journey towards weight loss and physical fitness. However, sometimes I wish some people would either not ask for advice or just keep their pie hole shut. Only a blooming idiot would try to educate me with some foolishness about how they have figured out how they can click their heels three times, pinch their nose while spinning in counter clockwise circles while holding their tongue just right in order to successfully eat sugar laden bullshit. It’s amazing how ignorant folks can be. Sometimes you just understand that there are some folks who are a special kind of stupid. It’s even worse when the drivel comes out of the mouth of someone who is college educated. It’s incredible the amount of people who still fall for the Snake Oil salesmen with their traveling wares of useless miracle potions and pills that promise you too can lose weight with their product, only as long as you couple it with a healthy diet and exercise. Be sure to read the fine print my friends. You see this garbage being peddled every day on the idiot box in your living room. Or maybe you get approached by the multilevel marketing genius who will sell you the cure for your fat ass if only you not only buy their product, but also give invest a few hundred dollars into product so you can swindle people too. Hell, don’t you know there is a sucker born every minute just waiting to part with their hard earned cash? Too bad giving advice that pisses people off will not make me a millionaire.

A recent bullshit weight loss multi level marketing scheme I was approached with by a younger female family member was a product called It Works. It is a wrap you place around your gut like the old school sweat inducing wraps. But this one is special as it “draws out” your bodies toxins with a special blend of eye of newt, rat tails and the blood of a skinny guy. Pure fucking witchcraft if you did not also have to eat a healthy diet and exercise for best results. Good lord, anyone ever thinking of buying special wraps and magic potions to detoxify your ass and to lose weight, do your self a favor and go back and study a simple junior high school biology lesson.

Here is a simple truth to plant into your noggin if it is not already there. No matter how Weight Watchers is set up with points or what ever else comes down the road, your weight loss or maintenance is still going to be a matter of an unarguable fact. It is calories consumed verses calories burned. If your ass is not losing weight with Smart Points or Free Style, you are not a special snow flake who can not lose weigh, your ass is still over eating. You will find that if you go back into your app and add up your caloric intake, you are still over eating calories for your activity level. And by all means do not over estimate your exercise intensity in order to rack up Fit Points as I am sure many do. One caveat to what I just said, this is barring any true health issue that would impair weight loss. If your endocrine system has shit the bed and your hormones are totally out of whack, you have somewhat of a reason for difficulty. However, many people still use that as an excuse to not try to live and eat healthier.

Summing this all up. this high protein breakfast took me all of thirteen minutes to prepare. That included weighing the fish and shrimp and then cutting it all into bite size pieces. This breakfast added up to zero points used for the day, but it was 673 calories, 32.3g fat, 2.8g complex carbs, and 85.9g of lean protein to carry me into the afternoon. Only 11.2 of those calories came from carbs, it was almost exclusively protein and fats which made up the calorie count. I guarantee a breakfast like this will keep anyone satiated for several hours no matter how much of a glutton you may be. I could have had Pop Tarts and chocolate milk for breakfast which for 2 pastries with a 12 ounce glass of chocolate milk which would have added up to 688 calories, 21.5g fat, 109 sugar laden simple carbs and only 15.2g protein. A weak ass breakfast like that would have me foraging in the fridge within a couple more hours for more bullshit.

Remember, your health and wellness is 100% on you and the choices you make. If you think you can tame the beast that got you fat in the first place, you are playing a fools game. Hell, come on by, I have a game of Three Game Monte to introduce you to. Be sure to bring plenty of cash.

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