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Beyond The Scale

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Beyond the Scale was a mantra of one of America’s largest weight loss businesses. How many ways can we interpret what this means? I would say it could have a different meaning for everybody who begins the program. But, here is my interpretation. It could be that with zero point foods we do not need to weigh them before consuming because they are free. But it has a much deeper meaning to me. Beyond the Scale to me is about not only getting our body weight down to a desirable range, but more so about living a life style of health and wellness. There are a lot of us who have reached our goal weight and are now on maintenance so our focus is going to be a little different than those still working on losing weight. For me personally, it is entirely about living healthy for the rest of my life, to never become a burden to my family with ailments that can be prevented by proper diet and exercise. Beyond the Scale as an individual who has reached goal, reminds me of graduation from basic training in the military. Like basic training, this group gave me the basic skills needed to lose weight. By fully utilizing the information given, I have some of the tools I need in order to live a life of health and wellness. Just like graduating from basic training, my journey has only truly just begun because now it is incumbent on me to prove to myself that I can press on with all that I have learned. Making goal to me was not an end, but the beginning of the next chapter which will only come to completion on the day I die.

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