Why I Dead Lift

So far today I have consumed 27 Smart Points for 1933.4 calories, 69.5g fat, 144.3g carbs and 194.3g of protein and I am stuffed to the gills. The problem is I need 567 more calories to make 2500 which will fuel through a big dead lifting session tomorrow. Dead lifting will fucking wreck you if you are lifting heavy and for a high volume session such as I do on Sheiko No. 37 Power Lifting.

The dead lift is my favorite of all. It is the only lift you can not cheat. You can not half rep it, you can not use any other body momentum to get the lift done. Either the barbell comes off the floor or it does not. Simple as that. The dead lift can be performed by anyone without a physical limitation to keep them from doing it, yet it is not a lift for pussies. Yet you will still see some supposed lifters in the gym avoid deads at all costs.

The dead lift gives the best results for over all functional strength you can achieve. You can do barbell curls all day and not get anywhere close to the results you will get from dead lifting. Deads are going to work your entire body. Ladies, if you want a nice derriere, deads will do it for you as nothing targets the rear as good. You will get strong glutes with this particular lift which means a nice shape to your ass.

Dead lifts work your entire posterior chain from your toes to your neck. They will work your traps and make your shoulders and neck more resistant to injury. They cause your body to release a large amount of fat burning hormones and will give you a strong back and a solid and strong core. In fact, if you do deads often enough, you will never need do another sit up or crunch again. If I had my choice of only two lifts that I could do for the rest of my life, Dead Lifts and Squats would b y choice. If I had to choose one from these two, it would be deads. A dead lift is a compound lift that will effect your entire body. If you get strong at this lift, your entire body will reflect that. Where as a million curls or any other isolation exercise will only leave you with that one muscle pumped up. Which will leave you with a muscular imbalance that is not good for strength but will make you look imbalanced as well.

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  1. Brenda Sue says:

    I love to dead lift! It makes me feel incredible.

  2. Shannon says:


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