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My Tasty Lunch with an Announcement!


This delicious egg salad was good enough to make you want to slap your Mama. I wanted something a little different today and drew a little inspiration for this from my friend Brenda. I had 3 left over boiled eggs from my work lunches and needed to either do something with them or give them to my hound. Sorry Abbie, you lost out today, I’ll make it up with a peanut butter sandwich later. I am probably the one only guys in my county who buys his dog a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter every week. She even gets the good stuff, Jiff!

Back to the egg salad. I used 3 large boiled eggs and mixed them with 1 tablespoon of Kraft Miracle Whip Lite and one serving package of Wholly Guacamole Mini’s. I served this up on a bed of romaine lettuce, seasoned with coarse sea salt and Mrs. Dash Chili Lime seasoning and then drizzled 2 tablespoons of Kraft Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette over it. This lunch came it at a cost of less than $3.00 for 6 Weight Watchers Points or 374 calories, 25.4 g fat, 14.6g carbs and 20.4g of protein. You bet, this was delicious, inexpensive and only took a couple minutes to throw together.


I will soon be selling quality T-Shirts of different colors and emblazoned with some of your favorite hash tags or other motivational words to celebrate your journey of weight loss, health and wellness. Or, you might want to gift one to a friend who has recently met goal or as an encouragement to keep on keeping on. I will have shirts for ladies and men silk screened on quality T Shirts and will announce availability and pricing next week on Monday after I finalize details with my vendor.

Please feel free to comment, actually I would love comments before I see my vendor on Monday to know what you all might like. I will consider all suggestions. Only please keep all comments here on my blog. I dedicate a lot of unpaid time to my writing and as my blog grows I will need to be able to cover expenses when I convert to a larger web platform. I am also working towards my own line of nutritional supplements to sell. Still working out details on this as it is a huge endeavor.

When I began my blog, I had no clue how well it would go over. I figured either it would resonate with folks or it would be a bomb. So far it has grown beyond my wildest imagination with readership in 10 countries and almost 5500 visits in about 5 weeks. I have always had very demanding jobs in my life. My military career has caused me to miss so many birthdays and holidays it would make your head spin. All time I will never get back. Now, I am a trucker and spend a lot of time on the road each week and I still miss out on a lot. My hope is to maybe in the next couple years to get off the road entirely and maybe enjoy a better life with my family.

Thank you to all for your tremendous support. I promise to continue being informative, candid and thought provoking so as to help and inspire others towards a life of health and wellness.

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