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Eating Big and Maintaining Weight.


I have had people get upset when they complain about being stuck at a weight with no loss and I suggest quitting sugar and processed foods. This most recently happened with a family friend in my kitchen.

She told me – “I refuse to stop living my life, I enjoy to eat”.

This individual had asked me how I lost and keep my weight off so easily.

I love to eat too. I eat a lot when I do. I also track the calories and macronutrients of every bite I take.

Does my breakfast this morning look as if I quit enjoying life when I quit sugar? That is a 12 oz Flat Iron Steak and 5 large Eggs sunnyside up for 20 points, or 824 calories, 46g fat, 2g carbs and 99g of protein.

How can I eat like this and actually struggle to not lose more weight? I eat high protein, low carb and zero sugar or processed foods.

The carbs I do eat, which are necessary, are all low on the Glycemic Index and I try to eat no less than 100g and no more than 150g in a day. My target is actually 125 to 130g of low GI carbs per day.

I also engage in vigorous exercise. But, here is the real deal folks – You can not out exercise a bad diet for long. You will lose weight at first and then stall if you do not take care of your nutrition.

Also, 6 pack abs are made in the kitchen, no amount of stomach exercises in the world changes this. If you want abs to show under stubborn belly fat, you have to clean up your diet. It really is as simple as that. If you do hundreds of ab exercises every day without a good diet, you are likely to end up with a bigger tummy when those growing ab muscles push the fat layer out .

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