Burrito Bowl David’s Way


Tonights dinner, a most delicious and healthy Steak Fajita Burrito Bowl. Made at home for the win!

Ladies, this is a simple, hearty and healthy dish you can feed your family without any complaints from your kids or significant other about having to eat “healthy” Not only was this meal delicious and simple to prepare, it was also low cost which is always a concern for families on a budget.


2 Medium Avocado’s, cubed

1 Can Black Beans, drained and rinsed because in my home we are sodium conscious

1 Cup, Frozen Corn, thawed

1 Can, Diced Tomato’s

1/3 Red Onion, diced

1 Cup, Pace Picante Sauce

Mix these ingredients together and then place into the refrigerator for the flavors to blend together.

Next, slice a steak (your choice of tender cut) into thin strips and sear with a spray of extra Virgin Olive Oil in a non stick skillet. Season with a taco seasoning of your choice, and once done to your liking, serve up with the mix above on a bed of Romaine Lettuce. You could garnish with sour cream and or a cheese of your choice. Being as I do not care for either, I left these ingredients off.

This recipe made enough to feed 4 to 6 folks depending on serving size. I weighed out 4 ounces of steak and had about 1/6 of the avocado/bean mixture for a total of 489 calories, 20g fat, 45.4g complex carbs, and 48.2g protein. All at a cost of less than $5.00 per serving. Total prep time from start to finish was about 15 minutes.

My meals are not a “Diet”, they are a part of my life style. You can feed yourself, and your family, in a healthy way where they enjoy the meal which will contribute to their health and wellness. If you never mention that 4 letter D word that begins in D and ends with T, they will never complain that you are trying to get them on a diet with you. My way is a life style, not a diet. Diets have an end point. A life style is for life. The change of focus from the diet mentality eases the stress which comes from dieting. It is all in the mind set and changing your relationship with food for the better.

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  1. Laura says:

    Such a delicious meal David. Adjusted my mindset, as you have. It’s now just a healthy way of living for my household too. Thanks for always keeping me pumped!!

    1. davidyochim says:

      Laura, as always I truly appreciate your support and kind words. I am happy about your change in mind set and believe you are truly heading in the right direction in health and wellness. more great information is coming my friend.

  2. Brenda Sue says:

    Goodness! I wish you delivered! YUM. 😋

    1. davidyochim says:

      It might get pricey coming all the way to Alabama from Kansas my friend. For you, I would give a special deal.

  3. Brenda Sue says:

    I tip! 😎

    1. davidyochim says:

      On my way!

      1. Brenda Sue says:

        C’mon down, I need cooking lessons.

  4. Pam adams says:

    This would be an awesome meal for food prepping. Make it & store in containers! I’m going to give it s try. Chicken would taste good too 😋

    1. davidyochim says:

      This is delicious with chicken too. The longer the avocado and bean mixture sits, the better it tastes. It also went good with Smithfield ham last night. It’s good healthy eating, and no one needs think about the healthy part. I have a few close to me who instantly turn up their nose when they hear healthy choice.

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