Hi there! Which Do You Want MORE?


I am Brenda Reaves L.P.N. and a friend and protege of David.  I am currently seeking other certifications in the health industry so that I can better serve you.  David has made an amazing difference in my life in more ways than I can address in an introductory post.  Over time I will elaborate on some of these things.  At this time David has asked me to address some women’s issues and I am thrilled to have this opportunity.  Various elements of #davidsway will present themselves all along because I incorporate David’s methodology into everything that I do and my life is so much better for it.  As women we tend to over complicate everyday events and also major sources of stress in our lives. David’s Way is a tool to navigate life with less stress and more success in what is important to us.  Weight control is high on that list for most of us and David has a very simple way of living that involves choice of food, preparation and cost of that food, stress reduction, activity and overall well-being.  I have benefited tremendously from his straight up view of life and how the choices that we make shape our reality for better or worse.  The ball is in our courts.  We are in charge, not our significant others, our hormones, our boss or our co-workers.  We are. Once we take that responsibility with no room for excuses, we can have the lives that we want.


I first encountered David through Weight Watchers Connect, an amazing app that addresses everything necessary for following their incredible program.  Anyone can lose weight on that program without giving up their favorite foods. It’s really good.  I had a lifetime struggle with my weight and Weight Watchers is the only thing that had ever really worked for me and Lord knows, I tried everything. I first joined at the age of 16 and have been on every program that they have had, I believe.  It’s awesome.  I had worked my way to Goal and reinstated my “FREE!” 🙂 Lifetime status for a couple of years and was feeling pretty good about myself.  Well… I began to read David’s posts and realized that he is incredibly fit and healthy.  His “numbers” at the doctors office could make the Surgeon General jealous.  As a nurse, when I see his lab reports, I’m just blown away.  Mind you, my lab reports are awesome too.  My doctor is very impressed every time I go in but I had never personally known anyone who rivaled me!  I guess you could say that we are serious health freaks.  We compare and almost compete for lab results…really.  So that’s the types that you’re following here.  I will post a photo soon and you will see that I’m pretty healthy myself.  I’m strong and resilient.  I’m never sick.  I can work circles around people half my age.  I have boundless energy.  I’m 5’6″ and 139# and I am a power lifter.  I am 61 and my age is a non-factor in my life.  I work full time, long hours and have no plans to retire.  I also work out hard.  Life is good.


I learned a tough lesson one night after many years of struggling with my weight.  I had a decision to make.  On this particular night, the urge to binge was so strong that I was almost hysterical.  I realized that I had NOTHING in the house to satisfy those cravings!  I thought about the frozen gluten free bread and started towards the freezer.  My original thought was to make cinnamon toast but as I neared the freezer, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  The desire for immediate gratification was so strong.  It was overwhelming.  I knew that I was going to eat that bread frozen.  Gluten Free bread is different and it’s actually amazingly good frozen.  (Notice that I know that…).  I had been yo-yoing on the Program  and these late night cravings were the reason. I was still eating sugar, which created horrible cravings.  I was eating to dispel stress as much as anything.  I had not learned the Lesson of “Make Your World Small”, which is a key component of David’s Way, and my life was a mess and I was miserable and at least I could enjoy THIS! Right?


I opened the freezer and stopped dead in my tracks and hung onto the door with tears starting to well in my eyes.  The words “Which do you want MORE, frozen bread or to be healthy?” spilled out of my mouth and I broke down and sobbed.  I had suddenly made myself profoundly accountable to the worst, or the best, interrogator, myself.  There was no escaping that question.  Everything changed in that moment. I began to be responsible.  I had eaten in rebellion most of my life but right now my anorexic mother was nowhere in sight.  It was just me and frozen bread.  I realized that what I wanted more was luxurious health, wellness and well-being.  I wanted to be fit.  I wanted life.  I got the bread alright, and soaked it in Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and threw it in the trash.


After this climactic event, I worked hard to get to Goal and to reinstate my free Lifetime status.  I did it in a short time and was so proud and cocky for a couple of years and then… I asked David about my level of fitness… Oh, Lord…He told me to lose 20#.  Yes. He. Did.  Well…some folks would have balked at that, like gone crazy and never spoke to this man again but I had already had that moment when I realized what my goals in life are, an epiphany I suppose.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man only had my best interest at heart.  He had absolutely no motive to tell me anything except the truth.  He has an impressive military career and has always been deeply involved in physical fitness.  I knew that he knew his stuff so if I didn’t want to know, then why did I ask?  I already knew from reading his Connect posts that he does not mince words.


David put me on the Starting Strength weight lifting program and advised me concerning my diet.  In just a few weeks, that 20# was GONE and I was getting stronger by leaps and bounds.  About this time, he told me that I am a power lifter…cool.  One lesson of the iron is that nothing in our lives is going to require any more effort than we exert at that bar.  It takes everything in me so when I face other hard things I have learned that I still have strength in me.  There is nothing that I face that is any harder than rising from a heavy squat.  For you, it may be another form of physical activity that pushes you to your limit but the principle is the same.


David has taught me well.  He continues to be my friend and mentor and I learn from him daily.  His life has caused him to coin the phrase, “I’ve Never Done Easy In My Life.” (David Yochim) and he hasn’t.  He has faced difficulties greater than I have ever had to deal with and my life has not been a storybook.  What this teaches me is that no excuse is a reason, merely an excuse.  David lives this.  He is not the “expert” that tells you to lose weight in polyester pants so tight that they’re two inches too short.  He holds himself to this same standard.  So come along and join us on our Journey to health, wellness and happiness. David’s Way works.  His passion is health. “Life Is a Beautiful Journey, Enjoy The Ride.” ;-*





6 thoughts on “Hi there! Which Do You Want MORE?

  1. Ha! The image of standing at the freezer with gluten free bread is classic! I am experimenting with sugar free and agree, it makes me so much less ‘binge worthy’ and makes me less hungry between meals. Still need to lose that last 20#, and David would challenge me to #30. Going to cut out the last demon in my kitchen….excess sugar. That includes servingsof ‘free’ fruit. How many servings of fruit do you work within on a daily average? I am going to be 60 in October. 5’3”, at 158. Running every other day….3 Miles, and spinning alternate days for 45-60 minutes. Kettlebells twice a week. Want to be really fit.

    1. Hi there, LeAnne! Thank you for reading and your comment. I eat about 100 grams of carbs/day and fruit is a little high sometimes, so I don’t eat it like I once did. I have an apple most days and sometimes a couple of tangerines if I get “empty” but I do skimp on carbs. It sounds like your fitness incentive is really good!

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