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Busy Life? Me Too…


Your life is too busy to cook and or eat healthy? Well, I guess you can say my life is probably too busy too, yet I manage to still eat nothing but whole foods with zero sugar or processed meals, and I faithfully dedicate time for exercise. And guess what, besides being a wellness and fitness author, I am also a full time trucker who delivers construction and industrial supplies through out the state of Kansas. My route is 950 miles with 8 stops and I will deliver between 35,000 to 40, 000 pounds of freight every trip out. I will leave out on the road tonight about midnight and return sometime around 7pm tomorrow evening. Then I will be back out Wednesday night, return Thursday when I will get reloaded to head back out until Friday evening and then I will be right back out on the road Saturday.

Tonight is not a normal run because of the end of the month, so next week it will be the normal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday runs. Even with this busy schedule I still make time for the gym to lift weights 3 days per week, and I will go out for good brisk walks 2 to 3 days per week. Sometimes, I will walk laps around our terminal grounds while I am waiting on my semi to be reloaded. Also, to add to my busy schedule, I have to study up in order to test and renew my HazMat endorsement when I renew my Class A CDL in a couple weeks. No matter what is going on in my life, I get my exercise in. I treat this as a responsibility with the same importance as my job. No excuses, ever.

This seems almost like it does not need said, but I know there are many who struggle with pre-planning their lives. When we do not plan ahead and prepare for a busy life it only creates unneeded chaos. I hate chaos and refuse to live my life in a chaotic manner. For the rest of the week, I will be somewhat short on time so I have pre-cooked chicken breasts for meals for the week. I understand everyone gets overwhelmed with being busy at times, but let me leave you with this thought;

If you have the time to cook a piece of meat, and you will have to clean up behind yourself of course. Does it not stand to good reason to go ahead and cook ahead for a few days in order to reduce clean up time and time spent cooking later in the week? I have chicken breast cooked now to eat on until the weekend, and I only had to clean one pan and the rest of the week will only involve reheating as needed.

God bless all, and thanks for reading.

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