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Grilled Spicy Chicken


It is summer time and to me there is nothing better than grilling tasty meats out on my deck, Sharing a good meal and a few smiles with good friends. I love the ritual of starting the fire in the smoker and then enjoying the smells of meat cooking directly over or indirectly a good hardwood charcoal, It does not get any better. Here is a delicious and spicy chicken recipe I have prepared for family and friends and I guarantee you are going to like it too.

Place all the ingredients but for the chicken in a blender and blend well. Then reserve 1 cup of this sauce. Place your chicken in the zip lock bag and pour the remainder of the sauce over it and refrigerate at least 2 hours, but over night is even better.

Get your charcoal burning until it has turned gray and then place the chicken either directly over the coals or to the side for indirect heat cooking. Either method is fine, its a matter of personal choice. I personally like to start the chicken over direct heat, then move it away from the coals, close the Smoker lid and let it cook until it has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees or until the juices run clear when pierced. Serve with the remaining sauce.

This is a versatile dish and can even come out nice baked in the oven or crock pot. You can also use any cut of the chicken you please. This recipe makes for delicious fajitas. Simply cut up your peppers and onions, place in a foil pouch and cook in your grill or smoker as the chick cooks. Its great to cube up and eat in a salad. Or, how about getting creative with your own ideas and share in the comments section of how you prepared the dish.

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