Iron Maiden (part II) Evolution

The changes that the Iron has brought to me are expansive. I’m not sure that words can easily convey this transformation but since this is my medium of expression right now, I will try.

I had never put any kind of large mechanical piece of equipment together before but when my rack and bench came through the mail, I learned. It only took about an hour but it had to be stable so the first chance that I had, I asked the maintenance man of my leased house to tighten my rack. He did and it made it much more stable. Watching him I learned what I need to do if I need to do it again. The bench could use a little tightening. But now, it’s my job. The iron teaches independence.

In the first week I noticed an air of independence forming. I needed equipment and I was a stay-at-home mom without a personal income. I did have access to joint funds but had to explain a lot about expenditures. There was no question about whether or not I would buy what I needed, only when? I made an executive decision and bought my barbell and weights and I have never looked back. As a result of the strengthening of character, I was able to leave an abusive relationship. The Iron became my standard for everything and I desired the strength hidden deep inside those cold gray slabs of measurement.

As I began to commit my time, prioritizing began to be real in my life. I had never been very good at assigning a time value to anything but my intense desire to have what was hidden inside the Iron, gave me new skills quickly. I simply left other things and walked into my dungeon and submitted myself to the bar. I was learning humility and respect. The Iron demands both. It can break you in a split second, literally. I had no intention of being that kind of broken so priority took first place in my thoughts.

As my strength increased, I no longer needed the approval of the general population. All neediness that I might have had was falling away and I was becoming #formidable. I felt good. Everywhere I went my strength became apparent sooner or later. There were only two schools of thought on that subject, those who had this same swagger and those who didn’t. My personality began to change and I realized that I would never face anything any harder than rising from a deep squat. The same determination was required to overcome anything that life brings to us. In the moments that I push myself up, I think about the fact that this is as hard as it gets. I’ve had some difficult situations but the effort required to get through them was less than the effort that it takes to stand up out of the squat. I apply this way of thinking to everything and when I’m faced with “hard”, I know that there is a way up and out of that hole.

In my former job as a Receptionist, I was often asked to do the heavy jobs. To begin with people didn’t feel good about asking and then they realized that those jobs made me feel good about myself and they were quicker to ask and now, I have a very physical job. It requires strength and confidence. There is no room for error concerning my strength. I must be able to lift what I set out to lift with confidence because sometimes it is a person. I am a nurse. Quiet often, people are shocked to see how strong I am and it gives me something to talk about. I have a few folks who ask me a lot of questions and I’m more than happy to discuss David’s Way. It has not made a difference in my life, it has given me a new life. I’ll never turn back.

I walk alone at night sometimes. I wrestle a high spirited Lab mix dog. I carry large bags of dogfood. I carry a carpet steamer. I never wait for or look for help for these jobs. I moved trees out of the road with my hands after the tornadoes. I always assume that I can do it and since most of this battle is won in the mind, I almost always do.

As I move through my days, I have a calm center where a whirlwind of chaos once ensued. I move differently. I look different. I am different. My body is much more defined. My posture is different. I have deltoids. I’ve always wanted deltoids. They make me look like I’m wearing armour and guess what…I am. It’s the confidence and the strength to live, to just go forth and conquer.

Always, always find a way to be strong. I believe that strength training for women is necesssary. I believe that you can’t weight train and be a victim. Things can still happen but your response to these potentially life altering events will most likely be very different. Always a Victor, Never a Victim. Rock on and move those mountains! :-*

16 thoughts on “Iron Maiden (part II) Evolution

  1. I so admire your strength. As an abuse survivor, we have something in common. I’m so glad you have found your strength! God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Laura. You’re such a sweet girl and I’m sorry you had to endure abuse but it’s over and now you are nobody’s victim. You are strong.

  2. Thank you Brenda Sue for sharing more of your story. I am learning to be stronger. I am a very independent woman and try to be grateful and positive every day. I love this saying. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. I am grateful to have met you and David on this WW journey and I know that changes are going to happen soon. 👍💪🏋️‍♀️💗

    1. Thank you for the kind response Joanna. Such heartfelt words of affirmation are deeply appreciated. And yes, positive changes are in store for you my friend. It is my great pleasure to have brought Brenda on as a writer in order to further help and empower women.

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