Application of the Process

Words without real life application are useless.  They will give us something to think about, to theorize about, to dream about but they won’t change our lives, much less change the world, which is our goal at David’s Way.  Real life application must occur during all phases of life, not just when we’re wanting to test the theory, or the results mean nothing.  It would merely be a staged exhibition designed for a given end.  The reason that I believe in David’s Way is that it works in every situation.  I’ve worked this plan through tornadoes, relocation, new employment and other major life upheavals.  If I work the plan, the plan always works to not only help manage my weight but to live a better life all the way around.


Making sure that we have healthy food options on hand is important.  Eating out can get expensive and there are land mines everywhere just waiting to blow your healthy choice mindset right out of the water.  I worked extra hours on my job recently and while I made good food choices, my sleep suffered and that allowed me to slip into a weird state of mind.  I didn’t feel quite like myself and honestly had trouble deciding what to eat and when to eat it. As I neared my workout this evening, a strange disconcerting nuance tried to haunt my every move…but…I’ve learned my lessons well…the iron would win, I would see to it.  “Google! Play alternative rock!” “Google! Play hard rock!” “Google! Volume level 5!”  It only goes to 5…


I had one of my best workouts ever but not because I felt like it. I had a good workout and achieved some new minor goals because Davids Way gives us a framework to live within.  Before lifting I went to the grocery store and bought lean protein to fuel me for strength and energy and to build muscle.  There is a system, a method, a right way to go about everyday decisions and that system saw me through.  I knew that I didn’t want to spend any time in the kitchen so I bought protein bars, fat free plain Greek yogurt, apples, cheese sticks…oh, and coffee…I can’t forget about the coffee…To contrast this to going out to get food, it must be considered that the mere act of going out to get food is quite often a waste of time that only covers one meal and sometimes perpetuates the cycle of “OMG…What am I going to eat?!?”  A “quick” drive-thru can set the entire day back because although it seems like a good option, if we are in control, there is still a lot of time that can be used for working out or real food prep, lost in the ever revolving madness of the drive-thru window.  David posts recipes that make cooking a worthwhile venture.  In his article, “Why Persistence Is Far More Important Than Planning”, former Navy Seal, Brent Gleeson says to be ready when the inevitable roadblocks stand in your way.  The best laid plans can be laid waste easily so we have to have recovery strategies.  Getting the food we need and working out when it’s hard to do will set us up for victory every time.


The moral of this story is simply this.  The methodology works, work the methodology.  It doesn’t work only when we want to do it.  It works IF we do it.  Our feelings are irrelevant and if we do it in the dark, difficult times then it will still work…and when the light shines again, we will be stronger because we kept pushing through that difficult time.  Then the sunlight will be even brighter because when it shines on us, our strength will show.


Food acquisition is our first objective.  It’s critical.  When we have exhausted our thoughts on this subject, we will move on to our next objective which is rest. Conquer the method in which you acquire your food and you will be well on your way to success! ;-*



6 thoughts on “Application of the Process

  1. I have accomplished many things in my life but have only had “words” about my health. At this later stage in years it has started to affect me in negative ways. Having heartbreak and being unhealthy are battles I lose everyday. I appreciate this site, and I love your and David”s words so much ♡

    1. Leah, thank you for such heart felt words of support and affirmation. I am humbled by your support. I want you to know that we have been in your shoes too with difficult life circumstances and heart ache. We are here to help you and as many others as we can. This blog is a labor of love. God bless my friend.

  2. So many good points. You have a way of giving us good information, and yet also cheering us on to be stronger people. I, and so many others, appreciate you!❤️🙏

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