Who are you accountable to?  If the answer is no one, guess again.  We must always be accountable to ourselves and if we truly want long lasting success, we need to be accountable to someone else. [1] We might let ourselves slide on a workout but a workout partner isn’t likely to do that.  He’ll be ringing our bell if we don’t show. Research shows that incentives and accountability are the two most important factors in achieving goals.[2]  Losing the weight and getting healthy should be adequate for incentive but for accountability, we need people.


If there is no one in our life that will hold us accountable with a good spirit, we must look for that person.  Weight loss groups, in person or online, are a good place to start. There are also weight loss- health management apps which can serve the purpose if we will use them.  These apps are available for everything from sleep to recording the amount of water we drink in a day.  David often quotes the saying, “What gets written, gets done.”  It’s an old tribute to accountability.  These apps are the modern day method of getting it written.  They engage us so deeply in the workings of the app that we become absorbed in the task at hand and thereby focused on our goal.  I strongly encourage you to do both.  Get an accountability partner and use the apps.  The combination is a recipe for success.


We can have the best of intentions, buy the best work out gear and the cutest clothes, plan to work out, make time to work out, buy the right groceries to cook instead of going to the drive-thru, plan our meals and then get a text at the last minute and we’ll ditch it all to meet someone in a restaurant without accountability.  Our best bet is to have like minded people as our closest friends and ditch the ones who actively try to sabotage our efforts.  People who work against our goals are not our friends.


If we truly desire to make progress in our health incentives, we will extract the negative people from our lives.  Negativism causes a release of adrenaline which can burn us out if we allow ourselves to be caught up in drama.  The adrenaline surge from negativism can cause a release of cortisol and in turn the cortisol can increase belly fat and cause us to become insulin resistant.  How much easier is it to just arrange a system of accountability between you and a friend? Your friendship will be richer because you will think alike and the constant guiding hand that you exert on each other will become a comfort.


Personally, I stall when I don’t use whatever technology that I have available. Although I have an accountability partner, I am on my own making a lot of daily decisions.  Our partners can’t police every move that we make  Technology engages our mind and in the absence of another person, the smart gadgets can keep us focused on our project at hand. If we fail to avail ourselves of every advantage that we have access to, if and when we fail, we have no one to blame except ourselves.  There are no excuses, only reasons.


What we must decide is what do we really want?  Do we want easy, as in no accountability?  If so then we are deceived because we will fail and when we do we will be faced with the inevitable weight gain and physical and mental difficulties that come with it.  The truth is, there is no easy.  That’s why David says that he’s never done easy in his life.  He’s a winner.  He is my role model.  I follow David’s Way. ;-*





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