Women and Aging

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… If I see one more of you beautiful, articulate, intelligent, sparkly, sweet women referring to how old you are and how it’s all down hill from here I think I’ll scream…wait… I already have…repeatedly.

There is a time in our lives when we change rapidly, that’s why it’s called “The Change”. Sometimes it’s a relief if we have had a lifetime of dangling at the end of an emotional string, like a marionette, controlled by the merciless marionettist called horrormones…uh…did I say HORRORmones? Yes, I did. Problem is, they ALL seem to just get up and leave at the same time and leave us empty, devoid of life, grasping at shreds and straws of our former selves. It ain’t pretty. I’ve walked this walk and all the way back and I can truthfully tell you that if you press in, hard, you can be the best you have ever been, in EVERY respect after the change. There’s so much stuff that doesn’t matter that we give time and credence to before menopause. After you claw your way out of that Hell, determined to have a personality and every damn thing that you never took the time to have before…you are able to focus on what’s important. If you are not there yet, please, remember my words. Regardless of what happens during that time, if you bust your butt to come back stronger and better, the person that you can become will blow your mind. She is freakin’ awesome…strong, determined and fearless, truly a force to be reckoned with, sporting a confident beauty that defies her age.

But…”Oh!”, you’re saying, “I’ll be OLD!” … whatever… I’ve gotta tell ya…if you work out as hard as you can, eat well and get your rest, your face and body will still be quite attractive. Nobody’s perfect and you won’t be either, but guess what…you weren’t when you were younger either. Do you know how many supermodels and celebrities have killed themselves because of imagined flaws? Beauty truly is in the eye of the Beholder. I’ve had people share pictures with me of themselves or someone else that were stunning to them and I didn’t see what they saw. I have thought that I looked the worst that I’ve ever looked in my life in a picture and received tons of compliments. We obsess. What makes a truly good looking woman, or man, is confidence that comes from knowing that we are the very best that we can be. We’ve done our homework. We’ve put in the work. “This is as good as it gets and Baby, if it’s not good enough, then just don’t look. ;-* ” seems to pour from us when we have worked and honed ourselves to our best form.

There is one “Fountain of Youth” known to man…strength training. [1] Researchers put the “Exercise is the fountain of youth.” vs: “Strength Training is the fountain of youth.” debate to the test and strength training won, hands down. In study participants who already had plaque lesions in the brain associated with aging, the lesions were reduced in the strength training group after the study. This did not happen in the group who performed other types of exercise with no strength training.

Strength Training is also the fountain of youth for muscles. [2] In this study, samples of muscle tissue were taken from the thighs of older adults to reveal that even the genetic expression of the genes of the participants had reverted to a younger state. What this means is that strength training actually changed the formation of new muscle cells. The cells began to be young again. Strength training in older adults did not produce “old” muscles. It produced young muscles and Ladies…please pause here for a moment to consider the fact that we have a LOT of muscle that is not seen…but we need it…for, uh, stuff. Strength Training uses all of that also. If you’ve ever stood from a squat with weight across your shoulders that was trying to crush you, you know exactly what I’m talking about…it leaves NO muscle unused…just imagine…new equipment.

Strength Training is also the fountain of youth for skin. [3] All exercise improves the skin to some degree but only strength training boosts human growth hormone enough to cause the skin to adhere to the muscle more tightly which means that your skin will be smoother and tighter, very similar to your skin when you were much younger. At the risk of TMI, in this same study samples of butt skin, (because it’s not usually exposed to light so it hasn’t aged from sun damage.) were taken from subjects of all ages up to 65 and the butt skin of those who worked out, (not necessarily strength training here), was very similar to the skin of those in their 20’s and 30’s.

Now, I ask you, Ladies…”How bad do you want it?” How do you want to age? Do you want a brain, a butt, muscles all over (and under…) and a face that is quite similar to your youthful self or do you want to just let whatever happens, happen? The choice is yours. There is another little issue that must be dealt with here, however. It’s the process of glycation. It’s the process where sugar burns up in your system and bonds to a protein molecule. In other words, it’s the trash that sugar leaves in your skin resulting in wrinkles and dullness. Just don’t. Cigarettes will age you so fast there’s not even a need to discuss that. It’s a duh. They destroy your collagen. Too much sun and alcohol will do the same.

Strength Training, good food in the right amounts, and rest will restore the years that turmoil and strife have taken from you. (Notice the pictures of my workout record, sleep record and food diary. I track it all.) Now get with it…and don’t let me see or hear you talking about how old you are and being pitiful. You can be formidable. Now get your Badass on. I’m waiting to see. ;-*

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      1. I know, because it’s human nature to doubt what you haven’t experienced. Once a person sees results for themselves, they are sold!

  1. Thank you Brenda for your knowledge and motivation and another great blog. I am my worst critic at times when I look in the mirror. My husband is always saying my skin is beautiful you don’t need that makeup.

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