“I pursued my enemies and overtook them:

I did not turn back till they were


I crushed them so that they could not rise;

they fell beneath my feet.”

Let me ask you today, what, not who, is your enemy? We may perceive people as our enemies, and they can be if they are actively working to undermine us. Most of the time, however, our greatest enemy is ourselves. This quote applies to both. We are much more powerful than we know. There is power packed within us that is similar to the explosive power of dynamite. As we need energy, the mitochondria in our cells provide what we need, BAM. We are left without excuse. The battle is won, or lost, in our minds. As soon as we decide to “go for it”, energy is released. We really can do all things through this life giving force that is placed within us from the beginning. We only have to make connection with it to access unspeakable power. Physical, mental, emotional and psychological limitations do exist, but they are so much farther beyond anything that most of us know, that if we actually realized what they are, we would be unstoppable. Get in touch with The Power. Be unstoppable. ;-*

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