Do It Again


How many times have you tried to lose weight and get healthier, maybe even get a little buff, only to throw in the towel?  Sometimes it’s even after making significant progress, which is so hard for you or anyone else to understand.  We push ourselves so hard,  determined to make this time the magic charm only to cave at a family reunion or a wedding or just because it’s Monday…sound familiar?




The motivation for most fitness authors is simply that we’ve all been there!  We have fought and continue to fight the same demons that you fight every day and night.  My mother put me on my first diet at age 4, told me that I was fat and seemed to base her affection for me on the number on the scale.  Because so much seemed to ride on that number, the stress of getting on the scale and evaluating myself daily and being so caught up in what I was eating was a miserable reminder of my childhood woes.




The turning point for me was the day that I realized that I didn’t want to be slim, I wanted to be healthy.  Slim implies a vanity, a desire to please society.  Healthy implies that this is for me.  If I look hot, then that’s a bonus.  If I’m “slim”, well great, but I intend to live to 120 and fat and frumpy is not the way to get there so I do this for me.  A great thing comes from that though.  While we do this for ourselves, the people who love us benefit.  Spouses and other significant others not only enjoy the aesthetics of our healthy, fit body. they also enjoy more years with us and a much higher quality of life when we are doing all that we can to be healthy.  Sometimes sickness befalls us regardless but if we know that we’ve done all that we can do to be the best that we can be, then, hey! it’s all we could have done, right? Anyone who loves us understands that.




Make a plan.  How many calories do you need?  What foods are best suited to fulfill those caloric needs?  Are you planning on eating food that you like, that is available to you?  It’s important to choose healthy foods that we like, otherwise our motivation may wane.  That doesn’t mean that we can live at Dairy Queen.  It means find some healthy foods that you actually like and build from there.  I do go to Dairy Queen but I do not eat sugar.  I order a burger with no bun, and have been known to eat a few fries. When you begin your program there are modifications that must be made.  Remember the definition of insanity…”Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Make some changes but don’t make yourself a martyr.  You’re doing this because YOU chose it.  Now be true to yourself.  Put on your big girl/big boy panties/briefs/boxers and be strong.




You do not have to go this alone.  David and I do this solely because we believe that everyone should be as healthy as he/she can possibly be.  Mind you, that’s not the same for everyone.  If ill health has befallen you, don’t GIVE up!  GET up!  Yes, it’s much harder if you already have a health problem but believe me, you will feel better when you take whatever amount of control that you can summon to take charge of your health.  We are here for you.  We reply to comments.  You are the reason that we invest time on this blog.  We love what we do and our goal is to change the world into a healthier place.  Visit us often.  Let us hear from you.  We’ve got this! ;-*



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  1. davidyochim says:

    Another most excellent piece! Awesome job Brenda, your contributions are a wonderful addition.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, David. 😊

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