Intermittent Fasting

When I first started David’s Way I immediately began IF. I saw drastic changes in my weight and body. I lost so much weight so fast that I got a little freaked out and stopped. I continued with The Way, (of course…) but decided that I didn’t want to lose anymore weight. Just recently, I realized that I do, so back to fasting. It’s awesome if done the right way. I prefer 8 hours of eating during which time I ingest all my calories for the day, followed by 16 hours of no calories. I’m seeing changes that I like.

Some of the claims of IF are:

1-Improved mental clarity

2-Weight and body fat loss.

3-Lowered sugar levels

4-Reversal of type 2 diabetes

5-Improved fat burning

6-Increased fat burning

7-Increased growth hormone

8-Lowered blood cholesterol

9-Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

10-Longer life (potential)

11-Activation of cellular cleansing

12-Reduction of inflammation.

There are lab tests to determine the values of some of these claims. Personally, I always get better mental clarity,

weight loss and reduced inflammation. Nothing feels as good as this. IF is definitely my friend. ;-*

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  1. Danielle says:

    I have always been an IF, it’s just the way I was raised.

    As I’ve lost weight, I don’t seem to have the capacity to eat all my daily calories. Have you experienced this?

    My cholesterol is slightly elevated at 215 but my LDL is too high at 154 (HDL is good at 46) so I’m not sure I want to eat full fat cheese, etc.
    I’d appreciate your thoughts.


    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Yes, Danielle, David has called our attention to the fact that IF is just the way that our mothers and grandmothers ran the kitchen.
      I do have that same issue, finding it difficult to eat all of my calories, all the time, and it’s necessary to have a good workout, so I do make a sincere effort to do so because I always want to build muscle.
      I’m sure your doctor can give you good advice concerning specific dietary requirements for any diagnosed medical issue such as your cholesterol numbers.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. ♥️

  2. Deb. says:

    I may have to think about doing IF. My daughter and son-in-law do it. He says he is not bloaty in the mornings when doing IF.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      I agree! It gets rid of that “always full” feeling, because you’re not. 😉

    2. davidyochim says:

      I love IF. I do not do it as much now since I have lost all the weight I desired and then some.

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