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Motivational Questions


1-What ‘s going to happen if I DON’T protect my health?

2-What’s going to happen if I DO protect my health?

3-How much does a doctor’s office visit cost?

4-How much do prescription drugs cost?

5-How much lost income due to sickness can I afford?

6-Do I want to feel the way that I feel physically today? Why?

7-Do I want to feel the way that I feel mentally today? Why?

8-Does diabetes run in my family?

9-Does cancer run in my family?

10-Is there any heart disease in my family?

11-Am I happy with my appearance? Why?

12-Can I wear the clothes that I want to wear?

13-Do I feel self-conscious because of my appearance? Why?

14-Are there opportunities that I ignore because of my weight?

15-Am I able to keep up with family members and friends on outings?

16-Do I want to do other things that I don’t/can’t because of my weight?

17-Does my overall state of health affect intimacy?

18-Do I avoid human interaction due to low self-esteem?

19-Is the problem going to fix itself?

20-What do I need to do right now to change direction?

Come to the blog often. You are among friends. We understand how you feel and respond to your comments and questions. ;-*

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