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Am I Strong Enough?


Life 101

There are many situations in life that may cause us to ask this question.  Some are material in nature such as “Am I strong enough to carry that wrought iron patio table that I just bought to my car?”  Some are psychological or spiritual.  Let me ask you another question.  How bad do you want it?


Human beings are miraculously made.  We are designed to meet the challenge.  In nursing school, we had to memorize the chemical reactions involved in each breath that we take.  It wasn’t an easy task.  For each breathe that we take there are about 22-27 chemical reactions.  It’s been awhile since that exam so I don’t remember the exact number, but I promise you, provision has been made to supply us with all the strength that we need.  To lay hold of that strength, however, we have to decide to use it.  When we make that decision, the dopamine circuit in our brain is fired and adrenaline begins to course through our veins and we have an explosion of energy that is literally volatile.  We breath heavily, we sweat, we get it done.

Extenuating Circumstances

Injuries, disease, bad choices and even healthy states such as size does limit our abilities.  I will never lift as much weight as a healthy man who does what I do with the weights.  We are different.  I can, however, surpass even my wildest dreams of strength and ability simply by making the decision that I will.  The body can only accomplish what the brain tells it to do.

Designed for Greatness

We are not designed to fail.  In order for the species to survive we have to be successful.  Failure goes against the natural order.  We cannot allow weight(s) of any kind to rule over us.  We have the ability to create our bodies and lives to be exactly the way that they are intended to be, strong, capable and content, with application of hard work.  I have personally never known of hard work to kill anyone, but I have known of many who died from inactivity and overeating the wrong foods.  Our lives will be a reflection of the measure of hard work that we put into them, never perfect, but always changing, upgrading, as we press towards the goal of our ultimate selves, self-actualized, fulfilled, not afraid of doing “hard”.


There is a great misconception that an easy life is a happy life.  The most miserable people in the world quite often have an “easy” life.  People who have traveled the world and seen true poverty understand this better than anyone, I believe.  In places where people barely know where their next meal is coming from, there are usually more contented people than in the affluent society that I live in.  The people who struggle have a sense of satisfaction that we don’t always achieve.  When they have acquired food and water for the day, a great battle has been won.  Our trip to the grocery store doesn’t always give us the same kick.  We usually complain about having to go. These people who struggle understand about their strength and nothing daunts them.  Survival requires them to do their best.  How often do we truly do our best, not perfect, our best?  And if you do, think about the sense of closure and contentment that you have at that moment.


You are strong enough, if not in your body right now, then with your mind.  You will find a way to move that mountain if you are willing to do hard.  You may not manhandle that patio furniture to your car, you may leverage it onto a cart and slide it into your trunk..  You may send someone to retrieve it later.  You may ask for assistance, but…you will get it done.  You can survive difficulty.  You can find or make a way.  You can accomplish your goals.  Make up your mind and get it done. Never settle for a mediocre life.  You were meant for greatness.  As always, consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. ;-*



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