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I am asked for nutritional advice pretty often and of course, I am quick to tell everyone to come to Davids Way.  I then tell them that if I can give them one piece of advice, I will tell them to quit eating sugar.  It usually goes over like a lead balloon but I have to take the opportunity that I have to plant that seed into the fertile soil of their mind.  They were ready for growth or they wouldn’t have asked.  Occasionally, someone will ask who is not ready to change and they don’t receive this bit of information well because we are profoundly attracted to and held captive by this intoxicating, crystalline substance.  Death can come in many forms, some of them are lovely to behold and pleasant to entertain.  I can assure you that is the case with sugar.

The Facts

According to the U.S. Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, consumption of added sugars has been implicated in the increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, mental decline and some cancers.[1[ All precautions have been taken in their study to insure accuracy of data and absence of bias.  Systematic reviews and meta-analysis, which are considered the most accurate methods of proofing data have been employed to provide accuracy.  There is really no doubt in the medical community of this relationship and yet this information is met with a  firestorm of anger and belligerence.  The sugar industry is powerful and this is a subject that few people really want to expose anyway because most people still want to eat sugar.  It’s as powerful as some drugs when it comes to it’s ability to create cravings and feelings of deprivation in it’s absence.screenshot_20181103-211421~25247654488980773531..jpg

Crystal Power

Mankind’s attraction to this molecule forced the creation of the first trading fleets in medieval Europe and caused slaves to be dispatched all over the world.[2]  Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop.  Is there any wonder that the truth concerning this toxin is met with hostility?  Due to our desire for it, it is a large  contributor to the world’s economy.  What would happen economically if we all just stopped eating sugar?  It has been instrumental in forming the world as we know it.  Our constant search for it has created an economy in more than one way.  Don’t forget the money made in the medical field treating the diseases that sugar is instrumental in developing.  Look at that list again.  Do you realize the billions of dollars that it takes to treat diabetes alone?  Now, consider the liver disease, dementia and cancer.  Sugar is powerful indeed.  How many loved ones do we each have that have fallen to this commercial Beast?


As much as I would like to, it’s not likely that I will ever be a political giant who could affect laws concerning this poison, but what I can do is make a personal decision.  I can decide that I will not eat it.  If more people would do this, it would lose some of it’s hold on the world overall because it’s profit margin would fall and the whole damn world would not bow to it.  The more profitable it is for the people who push it, the more they will push it.  If sales decrease, the profit margin will shrink and it will not be pushed so hard that we are constantly bombarded with messages to eat it. The answer is a personal one that can only be decided by each one of us.  How much do you want to be healthy?  I’m not talking about fitting into your wedding gown or looking great for a high-school reunion.  I’m talking about going to the doctor and being commended on your “numbers”.  David and I both are.  We don’t eat sugar.

Methods of Withdrawal

If you quit this stuff cold turkey, you will not die.  You may want to because it is a source of comfort to many.  It is a cold deception.  As we medicate with this pretty poison, our health fails, our waistline grows and those dreams that we are longing to see come to fruition dissolve right before our eyes.  You can quit suddenly.

You may be able to cut back and wean off of it slowly but that usually doesn’t work.  A little begets a lot.  Just quit.

My Desire

I hope that this post makes a difference in your life. Quitting sugar is the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself and I’ve gotta tell ya, that’s saying something because these days, I do a lot fore myself. ;-*





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  1. davidyochim says:

    Most excellent. We really needed to address this issue again, and will need to keep revisiting it going forward in the future.

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