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You Are Enough



How many times have you been scrolling a social media site and saw someone say that they are leaving certain platforms because they feel insecure posting their pictures there?  How many times have you had a woman tell you that she wouldn’t post her pictures on Instagram because she didn’t want to be compared to professional models?  Believe me, people, it’s a thing.

Progress Not Perfection

The idea of working out and being healthy is to be the best that we can be, not like anyone else.  We lose our individuality of mind and body when we try to clone and/or channel someone else.  I grew up in a home where I was constantly compared to “movie stars” and I had a lot to overcome in this area.


What I’m talking about here is being the best that you can be, NOT stopping short and being satisfied with mediocre.  You are not mediocre.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I have that on really good authority.  You are a miracle.  When you and I hone ourselves to our personal best we become a thing of beauty.  We won’t look like anyone else.  Neither can anyone else look like us.  There are plenty of famous, beautiful people who are so terribly insecure concerning their appearance that they end their lives over this very issue.  They choose death over what they perceive as imperfections.  It happens every day.

How Bad Do You Want It?

It may seem easier to wallow in self pity about your imagined short-comings.  It may seem a lot easier to do this than to actively pursue hard exercise and other hard things to create the life that you desire however, the hardest life is the life that is never what you want it to be.  Living in the shadow of self-loathing is not easy.  It will destroy you and everything and everyone that you care about through insecurity.  You will look to others to fulfill needs that you should meet for yourself through accomplishment and high self-esteem.


So, now you know.  You are never going to be that person.  You will be better, but only if you want it.  That person can never be you.  It’s mandatory to remember that because, rest assured, regardless of how you see these people, they see you the same way.  They see some physical characteristic, somewhere on you that they wish they had.  We are quite often so bogged down with self loathing that we don’t even see the very things that are our greatest attributes. Get up.  Do the hard thing.  Quit whining and get what you want.  You are a unique variant.  There is not another one.  Find your beautiful and live it. ;-*


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