Slow Metabolism


A slow metabolism is blamed for excess weight quite often.  Let’s look into the validity of that claim.

Harsh Reality

The truth is, a slow metabolism is rarely the cause of excess weight gain.  Because metabolism is the tool by which we survive, the burning of our fuel for energy, our bodies have many methods to regulate the metabolism.  It is a survival skill.  If it falls too low, we would not receive adequate energy to fuel our basal metabolic needs such as respiration and blood circulation.  If it is turned up too high, we may have anemia, fatigue, elevated heart rate, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, dysautonomia, which is a nerve malfunction that can be deadly [4] and shortness of breath.   The metabolism has to self regulate.  Normally, only in the case of an under active thyroid or Cushing’s Syndrome will the metabolism naturally slow. [1] And here’s the kicker… an under active thyroid normally causes a 5-10 pound weight gain, yes, 5-10 pounds. [2] Cushings is a systemic disease with abnormal weight gain in the face, neck and upper back and it is an obvious disease process.[3] Odds are, you don’t have that.

Culture Shock

So, if we can’t blame our metabolism, then what may be contributing to the bad habits and lifestyles that create excess weight and ill health? Quite often it’s the culture in which we grew up and still reside.  The “Oh, go ahead. EAT! Don’t be a fanatic!” culture, or the “Hey Man, you only live once, eat, enjoy your life!” culture, or the “That’s just too restrictive. I’m going to eat what I like!” culture…or maybe, we just look for excuses within these cliques of people so that we don’t have to get real.  I had the “I’m going to enjoy my life!” mentality for years.  The problem was, I wasn’t.  I was fat and miserable and my blood pressure began to get dangerously high.  I had insomnia.  I became lethargic.  I hated life, the very life that I was determined to enjoy. Gluttony was not serving me well.

Poor Me

Sometimes we look at others and think that being healthy or thin comes easy to them and think that we’re a victim.  The Truth is, 99.999% of those who we think are just naturally thin, are NOT.  They work their collective asses off to make health the #1 Priority in their lives.  They invest in themselves first.  They are determined to be determined, regardless of how unpopular it makes them.  Health has become a lifestyle, not an afterthought or a temporary happenstance.  It is carefully sought, wooed and conquered.  It is romanced and followed.  It is everything.  This is so far removed from what others believe to be the truth.  If you are struggling with your weight tonight, believe me,  when you decide to embrace Health, the decision will be made.  You won’t get to any specific destination quickly but you will begin your Journey and there will be no turning back.  Before you realize what’s happening, one day you will hit a milestone that is important to you and you will know that this is the path that you have sought your entire life.  It’s not easy.  It’s hard, but not as hard as diabetes and cancer.

Get Informed

I challenge you.  When you see someone that you think has it easy in this area, ask them what they do to look so healthy.  Very rarely you will find that one who either won’t admit to what they do or is truly Blessed, but it’s rare.  I have always asked this question and yes, I talk to strangers.  I’ve learned most of what I know talking to strangers…or at least reading their books.  Read.  Surf the net.  Stick with David’s Way.  We are studying now for special certifications to assist you in this area.  We stay up to date and brainstorm all the time.  This is our life.  This is who we are.  There is no pretense here.  We welcome you to question us and learn for yourself.  Our mission is to change the world through healthy living…and, we live it and it’s not an easy thing all the time but it is a joyous thing.  We feel good, we’re rarely sick and live the lives of people half our age.  The proof is in the pudding.  Stick with us.  We respond to your comments and questions.






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  1. davidyochim says:

    So many excellent and valid points made in this article Brenda Sue. As we have discussed, there is usually more other factors coming into play with weight gain over metabolism. Usually, it will be a result of how we grew up and the people we are surrounded by that contributes to weight gain. It is more a cultural problem rather than a metabolism problem. Of course, by casting blame on a slow metabolism, an individual can present themselves as a helpless victim of excess body fat.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Yes, and never make the decision to take control.

  2. Rita says:

    So much true, Brenda👌

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, Rita!

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