We are in the frenzy of the biggest holiday season.  It’s one after another during these long, dark days.  Low light levels and inclement weather and the abundance of sugary treats and family and “frenemies” who are trying to undermine our health initiative are combining to make a cocktail of disaster.  Take control, now. Don’t wait until the scale is your sworn enemy.  You are in control.  You alone.  You are NOT a victim.  You are a survivor.  There’s a difference, a really big difference.


Let me ask you, had you rather face January 1 at your present weight and fat percentage or had you rather face it at a lower weight?  It’s possible to face it at a lower weight.  It’s also possible to face it considerably heavier.  The choice is entirely yours.  I reached my Weight Watcher’s goal 12 years ago on December 15, during the height of the holiday frenzy in my family at the time.  The key to this was simply, “DON’T. QUIT.” just because of a number on a piece of paper hanging on the wall.  Believe me, that was the best holiday I’ve ever had. Since then, I have lost 20# and increased my muscle mass following David’s Way.  It has worked better for me than Weight Watchers and it’s free.


Sometimes we only look at the difference that our positive effort makes but that is not the entire picture.  We must also consider the things that we DON’T do.  You know, we buy healthy meal and snack items to have at home BUT…we don’t go to the drive-thru or buy 6 bags of candy for every candy dish in the house or even put those candy dishes out this year…well, maybe one, on the big day.  All of this adds up in an almost geometric progression.  The combination of doing what we need to do like working out, maybe even harder, and not doing the things that we already know not to do combine to put us over the top in health and fitness.  This can be your time to shine.  Don’t let a string of lights and a wisp of tinsel make you want to die on January 1.

One Day

Even though we look for excuses to make Fall and Winter one long feeding frenzy, seriously, this is one day.  If we look at a total of all the commonly celebrated holidays in the U.S. from October through January 1, we’re looking at 4 days, not 4 months.  If we take the whole season to feast then as soon as that’s over, well, there’s Valentine’s Day.  Oh, good grief.  I cannot tell you how much I hate that day filled with sugar and forced affection.  So many people in Walmart walking around looking suicidal thinking that they are the only one without a Sweetheart.  I’ve gotta tell you.  There were many years that I knew that I would receive a gift that day but I would have gladly changed places with one of those sad looking people. I would binge to ease the pain of a really bad relationship and they would binge to ease the pain of not having one.  We look for absolutely any excuse to eat sugar.

Take Advantage

Here at David’s Way we have healthy, delicious recipes for absolutely any occasion.  We have everything from stuffing, with bacon I might add… to Lime Mousse.  We have sugar free sugar cookies. soups and fudge.  We have articles on any aspect of weight control that you may be interested in.  We have articles for women and articles for seniors.  This is a free resource.  Do yourself and us both good and read and follow.  We’re in this for the right reasons.  We are health advocates, truly wanting to turn the focus of the world towards health and away from self-destruction.  I work in the medical field and I see first hand the utter destruction that we bring to ourselves.  Nothing is more sad than to see a body ravaged by cancer or diabetes that could have been different.  We have so many options.  Choose wisely.

The Challenge

Weigh and or measure or try on an outfit or whatever you do to keep track of your progress.  Take pictures.  Take control.  Refuse to let dates or people make you look for an excuse to undo your hard work.  Start now! Decide what you will eat at every function that you will attend.  DON”T buy garbage to keep at home.  If you already have, get rid of it.  Don’t “save it for the kids”.  They don’t need it either.  Why is it that we think that we can feed poison to our children and by some magical formula unknown to mankind, they won’t suffer the consequences?  Would someone please explain that to me?  I made the mistake of always having something sweet in the house “for my son” when he was growing up and now I help him fight the battle of obesity.  Get in an extra workout some days just because you can.  Catch up on your sleep.  Don’t talk to people who hurt you more than they help you.  It makes you release cortisol and that makes you want to overeat.  Make up your mind, right now, yes, NOW.

Let us know how it’s working for you.  We reply to your comments and questions.

Make this your most glorious season.  Joy to the world! ;-*

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  1. davidyochim says:

    Most excellent points made in this blog article Brenda Sue.

    Friends, we can help you stay on track. We have a wide variety of information for you, and there is more coming.

    Here’s to getting through the holidays in a healthy manner with no gains of body fat.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, David.

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