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It starts so small

fluttering, fluttering

on leaves in the wind, unstable.

Through rain and hail and heat and cold

it thrives, it grows strong without gable.

Unprotected, exposed, bruised

gathering power for future use.


A change! What’s this? Now it crawls,

new freedom, new look,  the horizon calls.

Fueling, fueling, learning how-

gathering strength for then and now.

Unable to fly, yet hearing the wind

crawling, crawling, eating again…


It can’t move now.

Looks like the end.

frozen, frozen

locked within

waiting, waiting, what’s taking place?

Knowing nothing.

Beholding His face.

Being crafted.

Being honed.

Beauty in motion

will be it’s own.


Unexpected! Life returns,

it was never gone

just not seen or heard…

Colors! Motion! A moment of rest,

and then we behold it

and then we are Blessed.


Beauty from ashes,

Life from death

Never give up.

You will fly with the best.


Love to all,

Brenda Sue ;-*

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