screenshot_20181201-103213~24577527696585972830..jpgHow many times have you set a goal that you didn’t reach? It’s a common occurrence for most people.  What is the difference between those who “Just Do It.” and those who don’t? There are studies that indicate that 92% of people who set goals don’t achieve them. [1] There are known, specific ways to achieve goals that will work.  Incorporate these handy tools into your daily life.  Make them a lifestyle and you will achieve your goals.

1-Make your goal specific. Instead of saying “I want to lose 20 pounds.” think “I want to lose 5# this month.” You have set a specific time frame wherein to accomplish your task so you will be more focused on what you are trying to achieve.  You will allow less variation from the plan that you have designed to achieve your goal. Go ahead and outline the methods that you will use to accomplish this goal such as what you will eat and how you will exercise. Make specific statements  and write them down,  By doing this you will have a step by step pathway to success.

2-Be passionate about your goals.  Decide whether or not you truly want it.  If you do, commit your entire being to achieving that goal.  Let nothing stand in your way.  Let it become your lifestyle.  When the steps to achieving that goal are what you eat, breath and sleep, you will achieve success.  If you don’t want it that badly, then move on.

3-Get feedback.  Regardless of what we believe to be true concerning our goals, it’s necessary to have feedback from an unbiased source.  There are different ways to do this.  Usually family and friends are too close and too affected by our behavior to be unbiased.  A Coach is a good source of feedback.  Groups devoted to our goals are also good because feedback is what they do.  Find this source.  You will know when you find it because you will not question the motives of their input.

4-Align your short-term and long-term goals.  Let your life be cohesive.  Make sure that your smaller goals support your larger ones.  As you achieve those smaller goals, your large goal will come into focus.

5-Surround yourself with trusted advisers. This is different from input. These are people who can actually tell you ways to achieve your goals.  Check in frequently to discuss your progress and adjust your methods that you are using to make progress.

6-Do NOT multitask.  It cuts down on your quality of work.  Focus on completing small steps towards your ultimate goal, one at a time.

Quite often we look at others who have attained a level of success that we desire and think that it came easy for them. Usually it didn’t.  They planned  for success, executed that plan and kept repeating the process day in and day out until they hit the mark.  There is no overnight success.  Success comes from dedication and hard work.  There is no magical dispensation of willpower.  You are the magic and it’s all based on your willingness to put the power behind your goals.

Now, go forth and conquer. ;-*



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