screenshot_20181211-205325~25439774242744044315..jpgHappy (?) Holidays

We are in the darkest time of the year.  Stress is maxed out.  Horrible holiday food is everywhere.  Relatives are arguing about where and how to “celebrate”.  It’s rare to be able to exercise outside here where I live right now.  The holidays are gnawing at the bank account.  Land taxes are due and Federal taxes are looming on the horizon.  And of course, most people feel pressure to enjoy this time of year because, after all, it’s just once a year, right?  Good grief, is it any wonder suicide skyrockets during this time?

You Are Normal

While there are many people who thoroughly enjoy this season, there are more who don’t.  I talk to people everywhere, all the time and they are truthful with me.  I don’t tell secrets.  People tell me stuff.  Most people are so depressed right now that they want to die.  Really.  So if you are struggling with your weight control or fitness program right now, then first realize, you are not a freak.  As soon as you realize that it’s not you, it’s the season, you will begin to feel better.  Thinking that everybody except you is decking the halls, falalalala lalalala, just makes it worse.  When you realize that most of the world is as miserable as you, struggling to get through this time, looking for that first daffodil of Spring in February, you will begin to lighten up.

Stay Active

If there’s a new fitness toy or activity that you would like to try, this is the time!  I have a new ab roller, the fancy kind that allows me to go to the side and exercise my obliques and that thing is a new twist on fitness.  I’ve never done it.  It interests and challenges me.  I do the 531 strength training workout and I have a new spreadsheet on that, designed by my awesome trainer  ;-*, and it is a constant challenge.  Do SOMETHING! Don’t sit on your assets because the season is wearing you out.  Move it or lose it, Baby.

Shake Things Up

Do those things that you know will improve the quality of your life, that will give you stress relief and add joy to your life. Change jobs, get married, get a divorce, ditch that negative frienemy, buy that house, go to Bali…whatever it is that you know that you really want or need to do for your sanity, just get it done.  Don’t do anything stupid on impulse,  I’m talking about that thing that you know that you want and need to do.  That thing that will make a positive difference in your life.  Ditch the negative voices of neighsayers and lean into the voices that lift you up, that point out your good qualities.  The world is full of people who want to destroy us.  Comfort yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are, not who they wish you were. I’m making some significant changes right now myself and as soon as I made that decision, my life improved.  I have made a lot of big changes in the last year and they were long overdue.  As scary as rearranging our lives can be, sometimes it’s all we need to soar.

Stay On Track

As tempting as it is to indulge in all the sugar laden garbage that is laid before us in the name of food right now, Just Say No.  Sugar can send you into an emotional tailspin and cause a mental fog and crash.  It’s addictive and habit forming.  A little calls for a lot and nothing makes us feel quite as bad as an upward spiral of the scale.  Our health suffers from even small gains, putting an extra load on our hearts and dumping more insulin into our bloodstream as we gorge ourselves on holiday treats.  Then there is the inevitable crash as our blood sugar struggles to stabilize, lethargy, and oftentimes depression.  Just say no to holiday stress and family arguments that tend to spring up at this time of year.  Stay in control by eating well and getting a little extra sleep and tending your exercise program well.


Before you know it, that first daffodil or narcissus will push it’s way through the snow and bikini weather will be upon us.  Stay focused.  Work through this dark season.  Be ready and wear that bikini and party, Baby.  You deserve it, you were so good all Winter.  ;-*

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  1. davidyochim says:

    Most excellent advice! Friends, we all need to heed this message, and know that we are not alone in seasonal depression.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, David!

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