Life On Hold

How much frustration does procrastination cause in your life? What do we hope to gain by delaying our hopes and dreams? Why do we do it? A life on hold is void of true life. In order to experience fulfillment we must act on our heart’s desire. Procrastination leaves us straddling the fence, unable to move on to the next level because we can’t lay the foundation to get there. Life builds on itself. In order to deepen the pleasure of life. we must pour into it. Procrastination stops the process.

Afraid to Fail

Fear of failure is one reason that we put things off. If we wait until we don’t have the time to do something really well, and then the project is a failure, then we can say that if we had more time we could have done it well. Did you go over your calorie allowance? Well, if only you had the time to plan your meals then that wouldn’t have happened, right? We know what we need to do but sabotage ourselves in order to escape responsibility for failure.

Afraid to Advance

Sometimes it’s the opposite. Sometimes we procrastinate because we fear the responsibilities that come with success. If we successfully complete that tough workout then we might have to up our game. Sometimes we just don’t want to perform at a higher level so we procrastinate to stay in our comfort zone. The problem with that is we will never advance. We will never achieve our best selves if we avoid the hard work that it takes to get there.

Never Good Enough

Quite often we delay starting a task due to perfectionism. We feel that if we can’t perform at our optimum then we just don’t want to do anything. The problem with this is we will never progress in any area because the time is never perfect and we will never have circumstances exactly the way we want them to begin most projects so we will never begin. In nutrition and fitness perfectionism is a disaster. Every effort towards health impacts us in a positive way. Delaying starting a healthy routine just causes our health to deteriorate farther. It’s critical to make every effort towards health. Small steps add up to big rewards. [1]

Fix It

The good news is there is a simple method to overcome this crippling malady. The first step is to realize that we are procrastinating. Once we accept that, we can move on to push beyond this barrier to life. Secondly we need to become aware of the goal(s) that this behavior is keeping from us. Once we see what we are missing by spinning our wheels, the next step is easier.

Just Do It

The third step, and the critical step is to commit to accomplishing the task at hand. Once we dedicate our energy to a specific goal, we have no excuses. Now move it or lose it. It’s your life, go out and live it now. [2] ;-*



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  1. David Yochim says:

    Great information! Procrastination will never get us healthy or ft it, will it?

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      No it won’t, David. Thinking about it won’t get it done. 😎

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