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The Difference

The key to success in anything is simple, “Don’t. Quit.”  Quite often, we say something like, “I want to lose weight this year.” but approach it like we’re uncertain of the outcome.  We need to make a definitive statement like, “I’m going to lose 20# this year by cutting out sugar so that I can reduce my chances of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease.” Do not leave yourself an out by using “want”.  Make up your mind and go for it.


Once you have determined that this is something that you are absolutely going to do, find a method.  I can personally testify to the effectiveness of David’s Way.  I have a lifetime of struggles with the scale, beginning at age 4.  My anorexic mom dealt me a lifetime of grief concerning my weight.  As a teenager I wasn’t overweight.  I was told frequently that I was and as a result, became a chronic, compulsive, volume binge eater.  For many years my weight bounced all over the place.  I was as big as a size 22 and as small as a size 7.  I am 5’6″.  After being at my WW goal for a couple of years and still being unhealthy, on 3 medications, I began David’s Way and dropped 20#.  I began serious weight training and am in the process of building more muscle now.  I am as lean as I need to be.  My health is great.  My body fat is 18% and I can’t imagine wanting it any lower.


The only thing needed for success is commitment.  Make up your mind that it’s going to happen and don’t let anything stand in your way.  Make your health your #1 priority.  I have to prioritize my lifting in this way.  Everything and everybody in your world will try to change your mind.  It’s up to you.  It’s a simple decision.  It is not always convenient but neither is being weak and sick.  Unless you take control of your health, that is almost certainly where you will find yourself sooner or later.  My doctor envies my lab work.

Worth It

There will be many times, sometimes daily, when you will be discouraged.  People who do not think like you, concerning health, will try everything in their power to discourage your efforts.  Look at them.  Do you want to be like them?  Find a health based community and check in daily.  Stay motivated. We will be here at David’s Way. Make us your daily dose of inspiration, motivation and information.  We research and stay up to date on scientific breakthroughs concerning Nutrition/Wellness, weight management and overall health.  We live this life and promote what works for us.  Join us, we’ve got your back. ;-*


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