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screenshot_20190106-123245~23976939043279488558..jpgThe Goal

Many people wish they had the motivation to exercise.  I’ve been told many times, “I wish I had the motivation.”  The real reason to exercise is to have a longer, better life, without the burden to ourselves or others of unnecessary illness and debilitation.  For some reason this is not enough for many people. Because our health as a nation is so poor in a Country where we have every advantage to be healthy, studies have been done to determine sources of motivation beyond the obvious health advantages. A 2014 study [1] revealed that 69% of Americans age 18-24 do not get enough exercise.

One Study

A research team led by Damon Centola divided a group into 4 subgroups, individual competition, team competition, team support and a control group with neither support or competition.  The team competition was the winner.  Strangely enough, the group that only offered support caused a decrease in exercise.

Choose Wisely

The obvious lesson here is to choose our companions wisely.  It seemed that when there was only support with no one to answer to concerning exercise habits, that when one person didn’t exercise, it moved through the group like a domino effect.  We see this frequently in some small groups on weight loss media platforms.  One will make an excuse and that thread turns into a love yourself just like you are party with no one pushing us to ante up and work out.  If we really felt like we were okay exactly like we were, we wouldn’t have joined a weight loss group to begin with.  I don’t need somebody telling me to be content just like I am.

Birds of A Feather

Conversely, when participants competed to work out and get better at it, to commit to be faithful, without fail, that group had a greater success rate.  That carries over into other areas such as eating well, cessation of smoking, diabetes control and medication compliance.  Having the right cohorts created a healthier lifestyle all around.  Here at David’s Way, we challenge you to be your best self.  We challenge each other.  We live what we teach because it is truly the way to a healthier, richer life.

Additional Finding

Apps that challenge you individually also increase fitness and overall health.  We have told you this for several months now. Use the online tools that will help you keep track of what you eat and your activity.  This is a form of competing with yourself.

Always Open

Remember, we will reply to our comments and questions.  We are Nutrition/Wellness Consultants and research continuously to bring the latest scientific findings to you right here.  Check in often.  The door is always open and the light is on. ;-*

[1] https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-athletes-way/201610/study-identifies-no-1-source-motivation-exercise-more

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    Great advice Brenda.

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