You First


The Misconception

There is a deeply rooted idea that we should put ourselves last…that we shouldn’t exercise until the house is clean or buy the food that we really like first or buy those workout pants that we want. Guess again. That is puritanical thinking that tears down much more than it builds up. If we put ourselves last, we become depleted and ineffective in all areas of our lives.


If we give to others out of joy and love, our energy is restored. (1) If we do it out of a sense of obligation, not only does it drain our energy, it does little for the recipient. When we tend to our needs first, we are energized and those that receive our care benefit from our enriched state of mind.


If we are always pouring out and never pouring in, we are empty. There are no reserves. We are lifeless. When we spend time doing what we love, we recharge our batteries. We ignite creativity and passion in our souls and are able to spread positive emotions to all around. Decide what fitness activity you enjoy and do it first, then you will have reserves to draw on when your loved ones need a helping hand.

Where Am I?

When we get caught up in the “Do more” mentality, we do for everybody except ourselves. We forsake the things that make us who we really are and become empty shells of our former selves. As a result, those around us may never really know us. Make time to track your food and practice extreme self care. Your friends and family will know you at your best.

How Old?

So often adults sacrifice all of their time and energy on their kids. As a result, our adult social skills and reasoning becomes obsolete. If we are fortunate enough to spend time with adults that we admire, after years of abandoning our social lives, we don’t even know how to interact. Be the adult. Be strong. Take time to grow socially and mentally and then when you have to be the adult at home, you know how. You will be less likely to let a 4 year old dictate your menu or workout to you.

The Voice

Most of us have that Critic inside our heads that tells us that everything about us is wrong. It tries to keep us groveling, desperately striving for it’s approval. As a result, we are perpetually anxious, in a bad mood, depressed and overall miserable. Learn to recognize this demon for what it is. It will keep you from your Goals. Just say “NO!”, literally. Every time it rears it’s ugly head, say “NO!” Turn your thoughts to extreme self care. Make appointments to get your hair and nails done. Work out. Plan your grocery shopping and make menus. Get ready for war…and win.


If we continue in our self effacing ways, we will fail. If we learn to care for ourselves we will realize our Goals. The decision is ours. It’s always a decision. We are victims or victors based on our own decisions. Decide now to put yourself first and spread the love. ;-*


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