We Are Growing Leaps and Bounds!

At David’s Way, we have experienced tremendous growth in readership within our first eight months of existence. We have been read in 55 countries now, and have had just under 46,000 visitors. My blog began as a place where I could share useful knowledge to others in order to assist them in losing weight and or weight management. I had no idea where this would go when I published my first article on May 12, 2018. The amount of steady readers who have followed my blog has been both exciting and truly humbling to say the least. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Soon after I began this blog, I realized I could take it to a whole other level by inviting another author to come on board. This endeavor of love was quickly becoming something more than just a passing hobby. I felt the need to really reach out to the world and help others in getting healthy through nutrition. I wanted to reach as many people as possible. I could have brought on another male author to write for me, but felt a female author was a better choice to make in order to smooth out some of my rough edges, after all, I can be quite blunt at times. Go figure, I am a retired military veteran…

I began looking for a female author who has both experienced weight problems in the past, and who has also successfully shed their body fat and kept it off for an extended period of time. I wanted someone who understands the struggle of weight management. I needed someone intelligent, and articulate enough to engage my readers with a female perspective of weight management. This meant that experience in weight loss was mandatory as was a well rounded knowledge of nutrition, fitness and physiology. I found these qualities in my friend Brenda Sue.

Brenda Sue and I both work hard to author quality articles for you. We also create and modify recipes to be healthy choices to help you shed your weight without you feeling as if you are depriving yourself entirely of comfort foods. This is a passion that takes a large amount of time in ensuring we are the best blog you can possibly follow. We read and study continuously. We have invested hard earned money out of pocket to upgrade our blogging capabilities, and then more on becoming AFPA certified Nutritional and Wellness consultants. We want to be the best, we will be the best.

Last fall, I made a few announcements of what Brenda Sue and I were working on for the blog. We have currently placed more agenda items in work for you that are coming soon too, actually, this spring.

  • We now have a fully functional search bar for you to use in order to find any topic out of our hundreds of articles and recipes. Simply enter a keyword and search. If we have not addressed what you are looking for, contact us and make a request.
  • We have a contact area were you can send us messages at any time. Maybe you might have a question you do not want to ask publicly. We promise to keep your privacy secure.
  • We now have an easier method of following us. There is an email subscription bar at the bottom of every article and recipe where you can receive an email each time we publish a new article or recipe.
  • We now have a fully functional calorie calculator where you can simply enter your age, gender, height, weight and activity level in order to get the amount of calories you need for your weight management goals whether it is losing, maintaining or even gaining if you so desire.
  • We now have a chart where you can look up any of several activities, including chores around the house, in order to gain a good idea of how many calories can be burned when doing them. This chart is still a work in progress and will be improved soon for you.
  • In work, I am building a database of food and drink with their caloric and macronutrient values. This chart will begin with over 500 food and drink items and will be expanded over time to even include many menu items from restaurants. In time, there will be a search function where you can enter the food without the need to scroll to it.
  • Professional, online weight loss consultations are coming soon. We have a target of mid March to early April for this.This consultation will include a weekly weigh in where you will have online interactions with both Brenda Sue and myself, along with a mid week follow up where we will check up on our clients for encouragement and or advice. Our clients will be getting both of us interacting with them in order to give the best quality Consultant/Client experience possible. Unlike some weight loss businesses where they are keeping your money flow coming in, and your weight loss becomes stagnant, our intention is for you to learn the skills necessary to move on. We want to help you, not use you as a perpetual income stream. We want to give you the knowledge and skills to continue a healthy lifestyle without us.
  • Coming as soon as we have a few technical issues resolved, we are going to create a a paid subscription section to the blog. Articles and recipes will always be under free access to all, but the calorie calculator, food and exercise databases, along with a family friendly forum will be behind a paywall. We are going to have a forum with sections for weight loss, recipes, fitness and bits and pieces where any topic can be civilly discussed among friends.

On behalf of Brenda Sue and myself, I want to express our sincerest gratitude to each and every one of our loyal readers. We welcome with open arms many new readers and subscribers each and every day. We welcome all comers, we encourage all to leave comments and questions on our articles and recipes. We promise to answer all.



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  1. Brenda Sue says:

    This has been an exciting 10 months! The future’s so bright I’ve got to wear shades. Our Readers are the best! 😎

    1. David Yochim says:

      Yes, we have great readers! They truly are the best!

  2. Molly says:

    Can’t wait to see the new updates!

    1. David Yochim says:

      They are coming soon!

    2. Brenda Sue says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Molly. Your Dad sure is proud of you!

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