Professional Weight Management Consultation is Coming!

Coming April 1, 2019 professional weight management consultation is going to be available to you through David’s Way!

Why choose David’s Way for weight management consultation? For starters, we are different from the other weight loss programs available to you in that having been there and done that with our own past weight issues, Brenda Sue and I can honestly relate to your weight management problems. We fully understand you, we have experienced the struggles. To better help you towards healthier living, we have both become certified through American Fitness Professionals and Associates as Nutritional and Wellness Consultants, you will be receiving online guidance from the both of us.

What sets us apart from other programs is we will first determine if you are truly ready for a change towards a healthy life. We will not take your hard earned money unless you are truly ready to commit. We will send you a form to first fill out where we can best understand your circumstances before any other actions take place. We want you to learn from us, and then be able to move on with your new found knowledge where weight management has become a way of life for you and the need for help is no longer there. We do not want to keep you coming to us perpetually as a money flow, we want to help you first and foremost. You are not a money machine for our benefit, you are a precious human being.

At David’s Way, we believe in clean eating of nutrient dense foods, period. This style of eating is what works permemently and does not bring on crazy binge eating as a result of carbohydrate cravings. We will figure your daily caloric needs based on your age, gender, height, weight and activity level. Your caloric needs will be based on an amount where you will lose between 1 to no more than 2 pounds per week. The caveat to this, is the first week or two, you will rapidly lose water weight as your body lets go of inflammation. You are going to lose weight under my plan as long as you are true to it.

Unlike one of the major weight loss programs available, we are not going to be vague in our instructions to you, nor will we assign a point value to foods that have no basis in calories, and are high for foods that contain healthy fats that our bodies require for the proper digestion of foods and the absorption of nutrients. We are not going to tell you that sugary desserts are ok as long as you track them. We will give you through the blog healthy and delicious sugar free alternative dessert recipes in order for you to still enjoy them on occasion.

We are not going to just give you a method of tracking your calories and macronutrients and then leave you to your own devices where you have no support as a couple of Web Apps do. What you are going to get is once we have completed our intake, you will begin a three month program with us. You will weigh in and together, you and we, will log your weight. Then you will receive communications from Brenda Sue and myself where we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will offer up supportive advice and encouragement. We will have provided you with a food diary where we can analyze your dietary habits to make total required calorie corrections as needed. In the middle of the week, each week for the three months, we will conduct a follow up with you, in addition to your weekly weigh in consultations. We truly want you to succeed!

It will be optional, but we would like for our records a before front and side picture for our records. This picture should be taken in form fitting clothing where your body shape is obvious without compromising your modesty. At the end of our time together, we would like another pair of front and side photos to highlight your success.

So, for three months, you will have a weekly weigh in with a middle of the week supportive follow up to ensure you do not go a full week with questions unanswered. We want you to feel supported and to ensure you are not left floundering with questions or concerns. At the end of the three months, you can then either proceed on with the knowledge you have gleaned from us with no further commitment, or we can begin a month to month maintenance program until such time as you no longer need us. This is truly our goal. We want you to succeed. We want you to be healthy. We want you to feel wonderful about yourself, and to face the world with a new found sense of confidence and self worth.

More information will be forth coming soon. April 1 2019 will be the launch date, and we will only take a set amount of clients in order that we do not become stretched too thin.



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