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At David’s  Way  we have a multi-cultural following that  circles the Earth. We are viewed in about 60+ Countries Internationally. Do you realize what a wealth of information that we all have access to with so many cultures represented here? This is so exciting! I have always wanted to travel the world to learn about other people’s lives, the way that you  think, what you eat, the course of your days… While  David has traveled the world extensively, I have not. You are my window to the world and you fascinate me. I strongly encourage you to visit our discussion forum and comment or start a new topic. If you have any problems getting it working for you, leave a comment. We will get in touch and get you up and talking. David’s Way  will always be a safe place for everyone so please, no politics and always be kind. We cannot tolerate unkindness. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate. We have chosen some health based topics to get us started.

We are improving the blog daily with you in mind.  We promote a high protein/low carb lifestyle with 0 added refined sugar.  We create and modify recipes to adapt to this criteria. We promote stress reduction. Stress can cause binge eating and unhealthy food choices. We live this life and are healthy and active, working full time, demanding jobs and blogging daily.  We have families and personal crises just like you and this eating method keeps us performing at a level higher than most people our age. We lift heavy weights and hike. There is no down time.  This blog is a labor of love.

We have some new additions to the blog since it began last May.  There is a search box where you can search for any recipe or article that interests you.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, leave a comment, we will get it for you. There is the Calorie Counter Pro where you can download information that tells you how many calories to eat for an expected weight loss, maintenance or gain. We have the “Subscribe” tab now that makes it easy to subscribe and receive a notice every time we post. Again, please get involved in our discussion forum.  If you can’t find these functions or have any trouble using them, leave a comment. We will reply. We will begin taking a limited number of clients for personal consultation in the Spring. The articles and recipes will always be free.  If you want a personal plan made just for you, we will be able to do that soon! Click the “Menu” tab for the Calorie Counter Pro and the Discussion Forum. Soon there will be an expansive list of the nutritional information for many foods.

Again, we’re so happy that you stopped by.  Check in daily.  Leave comments.  We’ve got a world-wide thing going on here. Much love to you all.

Brenda Sue 😉

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  1. David Yochim says:

    Yes, yes, yes to all that Brenda Sue wrote here. We have such a culturally diverse audience from who we can all learn. Please, get involved and help us make the discussion forum grow.

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