Just Keep Going


The way to win at anything is to just keep doing it. Whether  it’s weight control or digging a ditch, just don’t  quit and you will succeed. Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. Isn’t our purpose in being here to live a healthy life? Bearing that in mind, there is no endpoint. Our purpose is to navigate a path that will give us a rewarding life every day. This doesn’t mean that hard days will be easy. It means that even on hard  days we will find comfort in our rituals and regimens that make us healthy. We will find satisfaction in coming out of difficult situations intact with habits that will see us through day by day.

Part of being healthy is resilience, the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, or to be tough. Good health habits, avoiding sugar, eating a clean, high protein-low carb diet, resting well and getting regular exercise will make you resilient. Age and stress will have less affect on you than on others who are not mindful of their lifestyle.

I encourage you to just keep going. Don’t look for the exit. There’s not one. Life is a beautiful  journey, enjoy the ride.


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