Reasons to Work With a Nutrition/Wellness Consultant

We recently announced that David’s Way will be providing professional Nutritional and Wellness Consulting, This will be coming soon, there are some elements to the business still being ironed out in order for us to hit the ground running at full speed on day one. Having had our own experiences with weight gain, our accredited certifications as AFPA Nutritional and Wellness Consultants, coupled with our further diligent and intense studying of the issues of those who have trouble losing unwanted pounds, Brenda Sue and I will bring a unique approach in our consultations. Our approach is holistic in that your weight loss and or management is going to be a whole body and mind experience. We do not believe in losing weight simply by cutting calories, tracking points or any other method that does not address you, the individual, as a whole. We know that there is almost always an underlying emotional issue that drove you to obesity, there may be a lot of stress in your life, and you might also be out of physical shape. We believe that if we can help you to de-stress through a doctor approved exercise regimen, to learn techniques to lower your stress levels along with learning how to eat healthy choice foods, you are going to see positive results in not only your body, but in your mind as well.

From American Fitness Professionals and Associates:

Over half of Americans battle chronic diseases. One in four suffer from multiple chronic conditions that last a year or longer and disrupt daily life. These chronic conditions are driving up health care costs and increasing demand on our health care system; they account for over 80% of hospital admissions, 90% of filled prescriptions, and 75% of physician visits.

By 2030, the global economy is projected to lose $47 trillion due to the social and psychological burdens of chronic, non-communicable conditions like heart and respiratory disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. The good news? These diseases and conditions are preventable, treatable, and can be delayed or alleviated through simple lifestyle changes.

As professional Nutritional and Wellness Consultants, Brenda Sue and I will help you set and achieve your health goals and guide you through the process. We will identify what is holding you back and and assist you in exploring changes to bring you success. Through our mentorship, you will be more likely to reach your goals than if you were to attempt tackling them solely on your own. We will not set you up on any trendy plans, after analyzing your needs, we will develop and help you to implement a simple and common sense approach to achieving a healthier and more fit body and mind.

With your customized 3 month plan, based on your physical, mental and emotional needs, we will coach you on how to do more of the doing while allowing us to think it through for you. In time, the plan is that you will have become educated in what you need to do to continue your success. If you require further maintenance through us, we will be there for you. But know, our goal which is unlike some of the other weight loss programs out there, is for you to be able to continue on your own without us. At David’s Way, we want to help you in getting healthy, we value you as a special person. You will never be a perpetual income stream to us as some of the corporate weight loss business’s would like to keep you.

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