Spring is upon us! Even as snow blankets the Midwest, Spring is waiting in the wings, awaiting March 20, ready to step forth in radiant beauty. Now it’s dark and cold and dangerous but in a few days, the earth will be glorious.

Sometimes when we are going through difficulties, struggling to do what we know we need to do, it seems like it might be easier to quit pushing, to stay where we are and take it easy, but the problem with that is that we won’t stay where we are. If the daffodils don’t push on through the snow and ice, they will rot in the ground. Once the blooming process has begun it must proceed to completion. It’s a cycle that has to come to fruition for the overall health of the plant. If we don’t continue in our pursuit of health, we will not remain the same as when we stall. We will transgress. As David says, “You don’t own your level of fitness.” We’re paying rent and if we get behind, just like those daffodils, we will die on the vine.

There are a few things that cause daffodils to not bloom, improper diet, bad location, disease, overcrowding and negligence are some of them. Any of these factors can cause them to fail on their journey to completing their cycle. If we mismanage ourselves in our diet, associate with unhealthy, negative people (location), have our priorities wrong (overcrowding) and fail to care for our overall health, (disease and negligence) we will not become our best selves.

Eat well, avoid sugar, rest, associate only with people who are good for you, mind your overall health and with you doctor’s approval only, get active.

Keep going even when it’s dark and cold. Do what you know to do. Maintain, improve, crack down, start over, regroup…just don’t quit. Soon, very soon, the sun will shine onto your face, you will feel the life giving warmth of the light and you will know that it’s all worth it! Work hard, play hard, eat well and rest. Bloom, Baby, bloom! Bloom where you’re planted. ;-*

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  1. David Yochim says:

    Most excellent. Spring is almost upon us, life in all forms will bloom again.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Yes! It’s wonderful!

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