Weight Fluctuation

Weight fluctuations during the day are normal but too many changes over a lifetime can be harmful. This is one reason that we at David’s Way encourage a lifestyle as opposed to a “diet”. Diets are temporary and usually when the diet is over, so is the healthy initiative. We want to teach you how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, body image and mindset.

While there are health risks associated with fluctuations over a lifetime, these small fluctuations of 1-5 pounds over a day or a week are not true weight gain. When we weigh frequently and obsess over small changes, we are setting ourselves up for emotional eating which can lead to binge eating, which can lead to true weight gain. If small changes upset you, weigh less frequently, under the same set of controlled circumstances every time. If you want to weigh weekly, then choose a day, first thing in the morning, always wearing the same thing. If you want coffee straight out of bed then go ahead, but make sure that you do the same thing, at the same time, every time that you weigh. This way you will have a more accurate measure of your progress.

Even weighing in this manner, there are still factors that can cause a false representation of your true weight.

Salty foods can cause a dramatic increase at the scales. Our bodies seek to maintain a perfect water to salt ratio so as we increase our salt intake, we hold onto a corresponding amount of water.

Ironically, the inflammation caused by exercise can make the scale go up because one characteristic of inflammation is water retention, but only temporarily. Keep working out, with your doctor’s permission, and as you build lean muscle, your metabolism will increase and your body will get sleek and compact. The excess water will come and go with your workouts and as you become more athletic, you won’t hardly notice the temporary gain and you certainly won’t mind because the healthy body that results from a good exercise program is it’s own reward.

Hormone fluctuations can directly affect your weight. During these times, just keep doing what you know to do. Stay on program. When your hormones level out, so will the scales.

There are medications that can cause weight gain, water retention and fat. If you suspect that you have a medication that is causing a problem with your weight, discuss this issue with your physician. He very well may help you with that. Sometimes when doctors find out that their patient has a problem with a medication, they can prescribe another drug.

Constipation is a culprit in many cases of mysterious weight gain. If you are doing everything right and the scale is still going up, consider your regularity. Activity, fiber and water can usually help get you moving in the right direction. There are many over the counter products that might help. Your doctor can recommend specific products. However you choose to address this problem, just make sure that you do. A smooth running digestive system is essential to good health.

There is always the possibility that you are simply eating too much and have a true gain. Make sure to download the Calorie Counter Pro here on David’s Way. It’s free. Go to the “Menu” button and tap Calorie Counter Pro, fill in your information and you can download the information to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week or to gain. I always encourage people to go for 1 pound per week because it’s easier and you will be happier while you lose. This is a journey, a lifestyle, so just relax into it. Don’t stress, it will raise your cortisol which can cause weight gain and belly fat.

Above all, as David says, “Trust the process.” This program will work. Just work the program. We will be with you every step of the way. The light’s always on at David’s Way.

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