Health Risks of Sugar Sweetened Drinks

New Incriminating Evidence

A recent study found that the more sugary drinks we ingest the more likely we are to die from heart disease. Sweet beverages were also associated with a moderate increase in the risk of dying from breast or colon cancer.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificially sweetened drinks did not produce the same effects. Researchers also found that swapping sugary drinks for diet versions could moderately reduce a person’s risk of death, but they still recommend that we drink water. The study adds to the growing body of research that sugary drinks cause a multitude of health problems simply by adding too many calories and causing weight gain. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are also risks of ingesting extra calories through sugar.

The Big Picture

There have been many studies that have indicated that the extra calories in sugar cause weight gain that contributes to cancer. The findings of this recent study are merely another nail in the coffin for sugar. Drinking soda, sports drinks, and in the Southern United States, sweet tea increase the risk of dying from heart disease and some types of cancer, according to this new research.


The choices that we make every moment of every day create our lives. We all have different circumstances to navigate but our destination is determined by the choices that we make at every turn. Decide to do yourself a favor. Leave the sugar sweetened drinks at the store. Drink water. Make your health a priority and live to reap the benefits in a healthy body. You will be so glad that you did when you see people around you falling victim to sugar addiction and you stay in control of your health.


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  1. David Yochim says:

    It’s truly amazing the harm which comes from too much sugar.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Yes, it’s hard to imagine!

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