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David began this blog in May of 2018 and there have been many changes. We frequently tell you how to navigate the blog but it bears repeating for our new Followers and possibly some of you who haven’t quite gotten the feel of it yet.

Before we begin the tour of the “Menu” button, I want you to understand that you can go to the “Search” box at the end of any article and search for anything on your mind:


You can enter “Brownies”, “Strength Training”, “Stress”… whatever word comes to mind and if that word is anywhere in an article on the blog, those articles will pop up. There’s more than one brownie recipe, by the way… 🙂

This is the “Menu” button on the Home Page. Just tap or click that to open up to this:

Navigate Your Life!

You can navigate to the Home Page for a discussion of the way that we live our life. Both David and Brenda have been overweight and this is what works for us. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

The “Contact” button will allow you to  send us email. Please keep all correspondence professional, family friendly and on topic.

The “Calorie Counter Pro” tab will tell you the approximate number of calories that you need to eat to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week, maintain your weight or gain.

The Activity tab will give you an estimate of calories burned during specific activities.

The Calorie/Macro Chart tells you about how many calories are in some common foods.

The “Blog” tab will give you a list of some of the most popular posts that we have written. Bare in mind, we have well over a thousand offerings here. The titles you see here are a mere sampling of our work. Use the “Search” function to research specific topics.

The “No Hill for a Climber” series is David’s wife, Loraine’s breast cancer journey. This section is full of first-hand information that only those who walk this path can know.

“Lost in The Spectrum” articles are about Brenda Sue and her son Lucas. Lucas is autistic and his upbringing has been a learning experience, especially his years in college and how he is learning to navigate the world.

If you click the “Nutrition” tab you will find a library of literature on Nutrition which is the most important part of health. Remember, you really are what you eat! Under this heading, you will find two other categories, Intermittent Fasting and Product Review. We have reviewed many food products. Take a look!

Under “Fitness” you will find a wealth of information about working out. In the “Essential Weight Training Exercises for Beginners” you will see descriptive articles about many exercises. “Worthless Fitness Equipment” is self-explanatory and it’s followed by articles on Strength Training and Hiking.

The “Health” tab takes you to a plethora of articles on all aspects of being healthy, everything from the people you allow in your periphery to sleep. It is followed by articles on the specific topics of Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Health and Stress.

The Recipe Section is massive! Loraine’s Kitchen has main dish recipes and much more. The following tabs offer scrumptious recipes for cakes, pies, brownies, cookies and specialty desserts. We have many seasonal and holiday recipes. If you want something that you can’t find, email us. We will create, modify or find what you need! Cooking is essential to good health.

I hope this helps you navigate David’s Way. We put our hearts into the pages of this blog in the hope of changing the world to be a healthier place. Too many people die at their own hands by the choices that they make every day. These choices can be changed. It’s up to us, you and I, as individuals and as a health oriented group of thinkers who continually search for ways to better our lives.

Join us.

You will be glad you did. ;-*


We Are Growing Leaps and Bounds!




Comments and questions are most welcome!

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