I Want To Be Slim NOW!


Have you ever said these words? Have you ever thought them? I have. I did for many frustrating years. I wanted to get slim and get it over with. That was the problem. Being unable to accept that it will never be “over” made me unable to do the things that I needed to do to achieve success

Homeostasis and Change

We are designed to maintain a stable internal environment which is called homeostasis, because the nature of our bodies is to change in response to needs. We have to have a stable base from which to operate. We have multiple systems and organs that are designed to change almost everything that they do on a millisecond’s notice. This is where the “fight or flight” state originates. We have an emergency and our body immediately slams us with enough adrenaline to light up New York City to get us safe. How long do you think it would take you to move out of the way of an out of control vehicle catapulting onto the sidewalk where you are strolling? Believe me, not very long. I saw a State Trooper take flight out of the path of a semi truck one morning and I noticed that the elbows and knees move first. This fine fellow was not the picture of fitness but he moved like a gazelle.

If we have invading organisms in our bodies our immune system will sometimes turn up the heat to kill them.  Our blood pressure changes with every beat of our hearts responding to our environment and state of mind and the demands made on us. Since we are in a constant state of flux, we need to maintain a steady environment for our bodies as much as possible in order to assist the process of homeostasis. We supply the foundation for function and our bodies adjust to environment and stimuli.

If we drastically cut our calories in an effort to lose weight fast, we will initiate a chain of chaos. We will create a weak link. We are fearfully and wonderfully made but we have to do our part. This is where good nutrition, proper rest, adequate exercise, (with your doctor’s approval) and stress reduction come into the picture. I liken our bodies to a race car. You would never let a race car set in the garage without maintenance and then go by the gas station on the way to the track and expect your car to win. At the track, every system of the car will be tested. It will be pushed to it’s absolute limits. In order to win that race, or even finish intact, you have to do your maintenance. You would never let it set idle for weeks and then drive like a bat out of hell to the track. When we neglect ourselves for long periods and then try to lose a lot of weight fast, that’s what we’re doing. Something just might break. At the very best, we will get through the ordeal but very soon, repairs are going to be required. To restore homeostasis, a constant state, we will most likely begin to regain the weight that we lost in a hurry.

The Win

Weight management is won and lost in the mind. When we lose weight too quickly by keeping ourselves in a constant state of deprivation, our minds refuse to adapt to the change. Why would it? There is nothing that tells our bodies that this is a good thing if we are miserable on every level. In order to survive, we will naturally rebel against anything that is causing this much misery. If we truly want to make positive changes, we must nourish ourselves with good food and take care of ourselves.

A holistic approach that improves the overall well-being of our entire selves will provide a good environment for subtle changes to begin to take place. This is why stress reduction is so important. Stress produces cortisol which raises blood sugar which affects insulin production which affects fat storage and on and on… It’s hard for us to make positive changes with this stress response activated.

Losing weight is not a punishment for overeating. We don’t need to suffer to do it. It’s a reward because we care about our health. I have tried practically every weight loss method known to man and David’s Way works for me. I am never deprived and most days I have trouble getting all of my calories in for the day because I have no cravings and seldom get hungry. I was a size 22 at one time and had a side of pizza with my pizza. Desserts were a daily vice. I loved pound cake for breakfast and Little Debbie and I were best friends. (Little Debbie is a locally well known snack cake.) Cornbread was a necessary staple of my diet. I ate sugar every day and I never quit craving sugar, salt and fat. I would swim hours on end to justify these indulgences but never achieved a desirable weight or body fat percentage until I came to David’s Way. Since my body fat is stable at about 18%, I can focus on achieving my bigger health and fitness goals. I want to be at about 15-17% body fat. I don’t have to consider my diet, I know what I will eat. I only have to work out smarter, rest and keep stress at bay.

When I first began this program I asked David “How long will take?” He carefully redirected that thought to what I would gain on the journey. I wanted to be “on program” a few months and emerge as Ms. Olympia. I have been on program a little over a year and the positive changes in my life are too many to count. I am more fit and stronger than I have ever been at 62. I am nowhere near typical. I am in hot pursuit of my absolute best self.

Are You Ready To Commit?

Are you ready to commit to pursuing your health and wellness goals? A true commitment means that you know that you will never “finish”. You have chosen to be a better you. You have decided to make daily decisions that benefit you rather than destroy you. You will make yourself a priority and pursue your best self. This is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. When others around you are failing, you will thrive.  People will look at you and wonder how you do it. You will know. You have made a decision to continue, to never turn back, to persistently pursue a lifestyle of wellness. You have the power to create who you want to be. Take control. Your destiny awaits. ;-*

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  1. Shannon says:

    Love this, Brenda!!

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, Shannon! We’ve both lived it, Girl! ❤️

    2. David Yochim says:

      We sure love your support Shannon.

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