Ten Ways to Increase Your Fitness

Sometimes our schedules are so full that our health incentive gets lost in the shuffle. The answer to this is to have good habits in place that automatically give us an advantage even when life is hectic. There are some known strategies for dealing with the chaos of our fast paced modern life.


If you know that a challenging time or event is coming up, plan for it. Look ahead and decide what you will eat. You may need to carry your food. You may need to start your workout schedule that week a day early if you’ll be traveling or otherwise at a disadvantage for working out. If you’re on the road, look ahead at possible locations where you can get out and walk. Riding for long periods can impair circulation and increase the possibility of deep vein thrombosis.


At David’s Way we teach tracking every bite that you eat. If a stressful time is coming up that will make this difficult, then pre-track. Decide what you will eat, record it and do it.


Decide now what is important to you. Is it drinks and dinner with the gang or long term health? The gang that wants you to abandon your health incentive will not be around for you when you get sick from abuse and neglect of your body. Take care of yourself. Nobody else is going to do that for you.

4-Just say “No!”

Sometimes we just have to tell ourselves and others “No!” It’s that simple. If an acquaintance wants me to join her in a dessert frenzy, too bad. I don’t need friends like that. If I want to eat a jar of peanut butter at 3AM, “No!” is my only option. If I consider skipping my workout without justification, it’s a no-brainer. The answer to that is a resounding “NO!” Sometimes we just have to be tough.


Make your health and fitness regimen non-negotiable. You do it…period.

6-Don’t think twice.

Once you find what works for you, just do it. Don’t reconsider. Don’t negotiate. Don’t waver. If you are having true success with your program, your body fat, over all health and muscle tone are good or improving, don’t let anyone talk you into a goofy fad program that may or may not work. David’s Way will work.


Healthy living is not something you do and “get it over with”. It’s a lifestyle of healthy choices. Just keep on keeping on. That’s how it works.

8-Read and study about health.Get on this blog and get involved. We have all kinds of tools to help you make a healthy life for yourself. Go to the Home Page and read the tutorial. You may be surprised at all the tools available to you here.

9-Associate with like minded people.

They will help keep you on course. Check out our forum and contribute or start a new thread. Keep your mind turned towards health.

10-Keep records of your workouts.

David says “What gets measured, gets done.” Keeping accurate records of your workouts is a form of measurement. Personally, I record my sleep quality, state of mind and calories eaten along with detailed lifting records of weight and reps. This insures progress because I can see what I did that helped or hindered.

Begin these actions today and before you know it, they will be habits. You will be healthier for it. I promise.

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  1. David Yochim says:

    Words of wisdom, great advice for our readers.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, David.

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