3 Card Monte of Weight Loss

Are you familiar with the card game 3 Card Monte? It is a common gaming scheme to separate a fool from his money. It is always without fail, a set up. A mark happens upon the game and watches as other players both win and lose. The mark will watch the other players lose track of the money card as the dealer shuffles it around with the other two cards and then becomes confident he can win at this game. He may win a couple rounds just to be sucked back in for more easy money. This is the moment a fool comes to the understanding that you should never try to out hustle a hustler at his own game. When something seems too good to be true, you can bet your ass, it is indeed too good to be true, which leads me to the meat of this article ;

The above picture was the first thing I saw on my morning news feed today. Can we say a fool, or maybe more accurately one who is desparate, will fall for this and part ways with their money?

Hustlers on every corner…

These hustlers would disappear if folks put in the hard work and discipline required to achieve and maintain a healthy body fat percentage instead of always looking for the easy way to “hack” their weight loss for rapid results.

What the hell is this diet, and where in the world did it come from? I am a retired military veteran of US Navy and Army military service. In my many years of service which began in 1981 and spanned through my retirement in 2010, I have never heard of such malarkey, yet there are people who believe if this bullshit is good enough for the military it will be good for them. Let me tell you something about being a “fatboy” in the military, if you are senior enough to live off base, then your way of eating and exercise is entirely upon you to do on your own. There is no diet plan for you. If you are a junor troop living in the barracks or aboard ship, at best, you are just not going to be allowed desserts in the chow hall, and you are going to exercise your ass off until you lose the fat. There is no special “Military Diet”, period. Never believe there is a special military diet you can buy. The only caveat to this is if you are in a military fat loss program, you are going to eat health, nutritionally well rounded meals that are not super low calorie. Rapid weight loss is not healthy and the military does not need, nor want, unhealthy troops.

Friends, if you are suffering an obesity problem, this did not happen to you over night. If you want to be at a healthy weight, you are not going to lose all of that extra body fat over night either. There are many lose weight quick schemes out there preying upon your desparation, waiting to extract as much of your hard earned money as they possibly can, and not caring a bit about you as a person. If you lose ten pounds in a week, about eight or nine of those pounds are going to be nothing more than water retention weight. You are not going to lose ten pounds of body fat in a week while keeping hold of your health. This is not going to happen, no matter how slick the packaging the newest fad program may come in. You can take this to the bank.

If you were to lose ten pounds of body fat per week, over the period of a couple of weeks, you might might as well have remained fat as you are likely to wreck your health. And if you think you are going to look good from a rapid weight loss, guess again. Rapid weght loss leads to folds of unsightly excess skin which is still not going to enable you to wear a bathing suit this summer. In fact, many people have to resort to expensive medical procedures in operating rooms to have this excessive skin surgically removed from their bodies.

There are as many weight loss plans available to you as there are huslters on the street. There are some great plans, yet the amount of plans preying on you are infinite in number. Even some of the popular weight loss plans where people do experience success and good health can string along their members as a perpetual income stream. They do this by telling you that you can still enjoy all of the same foods which got you to your obesity problem in the first place. If we are being honest with ourselves, if you had no control before, what makes you believe you can possibly have control now if you are not actually changing your nutritional habits. If you believe this, I might just have a card game for you…

At David’s Way we will never charge you for the information we put out in our articles. We do not want anyone to be a perpetual income stream for us. We truly want to help others with our work, this is a labor of love, a means of giving back. Nothing more, nothing less…

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  1. Jimi Magenheimer says:

    Excellent blog post today my brother.
    Having been in the “fatboy” squad for my entire military enlistment. I can tell you it is a long road trying to get the ideal body fat. I in my third year did hit the 3% body fat ratio at one point yet due to muscle mass i still weighed in at
    28 lbs over my height and age.

    I have not been under 200lbs since i was about 19 years old.
    Yet the military told me i had to keep trying. I hit the 227lb mark once. I am now at 259 with water variations taking it to 267lbs. I am happy and feel healthy.
    Dave i enjoy this blog I am proud to call you brother. Keep up the great work.

    Love ya
    Jimi Magenheimer

    1. David Yochim says:

      Thanks my brother, I love you too my life long friend. Im glad you enjoy my blog and derive benefit from it. The work myself and my co-author Brenda Sue put into this is a true passion and calling where we are trying to help others live with better health.

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