It’s Up To You

You are responsible for your success or failure. Circumstances do have an impact but what you believe to be true concerning your success is critical. If you believe that your success is at least 85% your responsibility then you will most likely succeed. If you blame other people or circumstances for failure then your chances of success are much lower. (1)

1. Be responsible. Own it. A truly responsible person knows that regardless of the outcome, he is responsible. Whether the outcome is good or bad, he is responsible.

2. Recognize your power. A successful person realizes that he alone is responsible for the life that he lives. We can give that power away but it us a conscious decision. It doesn’t happen without our permission. Living a miserable, underachieving life because of “circumstances” is just lazy.

3. Deal with what is. The past is over. The future is not here. Live in today. Don’t give abusers from your past power over your present. If you want to eat healthy, don’t allow memories to make you binge. Do healthy stuff today for a better day today and tomorrow.

4. Realize that there is only one type of empowerment, self empowerment. You step outside of your comfort zone and create the body and world that you want to live in.

5. Manage expectations. Decide what you want and understand what others want from you. Make these guidelines clear. Nothing is quite as upsetting as missing the mark. Define your goals and move towards them.

6. Take back your time. If something or someone is a drain on your resources, including your time, and they give nothing back, just say “No!” Stop over scheduling and underestimating how long it takes to do something. Let’s face it, most things take longer than expected so spend your time making your life better, not accommodating lazy, needy people.

7. Acknowledge your strengths and victories. Don’t wait for someone else to validate you. Be your own advocate.

8. Tell the truth. Save yourself the time and confusion of lying. Just say what “is” and be done. Remember, it really is, what it is.

9. Police yourself. Just do what you need to do to be healthy and happy.

10. Look to yourself first. When there is a problem, ask yourself four questions,

1-What is the problem?

2- What am I doing, or not doing, to contribute to the problem?

3-What will I do differently to help solve the problem?

4-How will I be accountable for the result?

When we are this focused on our power to create our lives, we achieve our goals and influence those around us to succeed by our example.


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  1. David Yochim says:

    Life is up to you, and you only, own it.

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