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One Year Anniversary At David’s Way!


Today, we at David’s Way celebrate our first year and want to thank all of our wonderful, faithful readers who have inspired us to keep driving on with our health initiative. I personally want to thank my lovely co-author Brenda Sue for coming aboard on this project with me. This blog is a true labor of love that we have built despite having very demanding full time jobs on top of it.

In the last year, Brenda Sue and I have personally authored over 430 articles and recipes. We have been visited 55,013 times by wonderful people from 68 countries around the world. We come in at the number 4 most read health and fitness blog on our server, WordPress. This blog is a true labor of love, we want to help others no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, cultural background etc… Our aim is to help others without prejudice to live the healthiest lives possible.

I appreciate each and every one of our readers and ask that you help to spread the word about David’s Way. My dream is to continue helping others in health and fitness until we are truly a household name around the world. God bless and much love to all.


David and Brenda Sue

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