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Through the years I have tried and tossed many foods, supplements and exercise gadgets. These are just a few of some that I really like. This is in no way an endorsement, simply a statement of my opinion.

I like Eggland’s Best Eggs simply for taste and consistency. They contain 125 mg. of Omega-3 compared to 49 mg. found in other eggs. They also contain 63 mg. of DHA compared to the 29 mg. that most eggs have. They have 60mg ALA compared to 18mg in other eggs and a bit less fat and sodium. They have 6mg of Vitamin D compared to 1mg in other eggs.

I eat coconut oil. I like it in a protein shake because it adds a creamy thickness and velvety feel and boosts my caloric intake. It also gives my skin a nice sheen. I have started and stopped it a few times and I can see a difference in my skin. It increases satiety because it is a saturated fat. When I use it, I stay satisfied after my shake about 3 hours as opposed to 1.5 hours. I like Lou Anna brand because it’s cheap and readily available at every Walmart I’ve ever shopped. There’s no need to pay more for the same product. I use the liquid for my shakes.

I like triple washed, ready to eat Garden of Life romaine lettuce from Walmart. It’s better than that bagged stuff that tastes old and has a higher incidence of food poisoning associated with it. It’s crisp and fast to make a salad or dress up a sandwich and is never gritty. I eat more veggies when I have it. It’s very low in calories and carbohydrates. I love it. It has 1 gram of net carbs and 15 calories per serving.

I have two words for you, “Minced Garlic”. I love convenience but garlic powder will never darken my door again. Thank you, David.

I like Body Fortress Super Advanced Isolate Protein when I can’t get my regular soy protein. It tastes great and doesn’t cause the GI distress that some milk based proteins can cause in some people. The Chocolate rocks but the Vanilla Cream is a sweet treat that brings back memories of vanilla soft serve.

One of my very favorite things is GNC Superfoods Soy Protein. I love soy for the estrogen like compounds. I don’t think that most men would want to use it but it helps me keep my curves. It has 60 calories per scoop with 13 grams of protein and 0 carbs. It is unflavored so it’s very versatile. Sometimes I add dark cocoa and cinnamon and other times I may add peanut butter powder or Crystal Light to make a fruit flavored shake that satisfies. I always use two scoops.

I also love Saigon Cinnamon! This is a new treat that David told me about. It’s hotter and sweeter than regular cinnamon and transforms everything you ever thought you knew about cinnamon. Suddenly, cinnamon will be your favorite flavor.

Again, this is strictly my opinion, I am not endorsing these products. I like the “Pure Fitness Multi Purpose Doorway Pull-Up Bar” as opposed to the permanently mounted bar. It doesn’t commandeer a door because you put it up only when you need it and I like the angles on it. It has helped me do pull-ups.

Choose products that you enjoy and you will be more successful with your healthy lifestyle. Remember, you are worth it.


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