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Basic Fitness Advice For Newbies


We often get contacted by email with the basic question being from individuals who have never been fit wanting to know where they should begin. So, I am going to address a few points every newbie to fitness should know and understand. Here goes:

You do not know how much you do not know.

While most types of exercise on the surface are not rocket science to figure out, there are many things you should know in order to not hurt yourself and to not burn out before you begin.



Resistance training.

General Tips:

  1. Wear comfortable workout clothing that you can easily afford. Expensive workout clothes do not help you to run extra steps nor do they help you lift more weight for more reps. You are working out, not working a fashion show runway.
  2. Wear proper fitting shoes designed for the exercise activity you are going to do. If you run, buy shoes that are going to provide proper support to your instep and that will hold up to regular running. Cheap shoes for running can actually cost you more money over time than a more expensive pair.
  3. If you weight train, an inexpensive pair of Chuck Taylor flat soled shoes are great. For overhead pressing, dead lifts and squats, you want a shoe with a sole that does not compress. There are specialty shoes available for weight training that have stiff soles and a gentle rise in the heel which helps you to get to proper depth when squatting if you have mobility issues which preclude you from doing so.
  4. Do not be self conscious of your level of fitness when joining a gym, rather, do not put off getting into shape in front of others solely because you are not in the physical condition they might be in. With very rare exception, nobody in the gym is going to be rudely watching and laughing at you. Most people in the gym are entirely focused on their own workouts.
  5. Getting proper rest is essential for good recovery between workouts, no matter what you are doing. Without good recovery, your body will soon burn out and your progress might not just stall, it can even go backwards.
  6. Proper nutrition and caloric intake is necessary in order to progress with your workouts. While you do not want to over eat your caloric needs, you have to eat enough in order to fuel your activity. If you are not consuming enough calories, you are obviously going to lose weight. The problem is, too large a caloric deficit will also have you burning off lean muscle tissue along with your unwanted body fat. This is not helpful when trying to get lean and fit. You can go to our Calorie Counter Pro in the main menu to figure out your daily needs based on your age, gender and activity level.
  7. Consuming an adequate amount of protein is a must if you are going to exercise vigorously. Protein is the building block of life which helps us to build, or at least, to maintain our lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you build, or maintain, the more efficient your body’s metabolism is going to be at burning off fat. Women who exercise regular should consume at least .6 grams of protein per pound of body weight, men should consume at least .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.
  8. At David’s Way, we strongly advocate concentrating on bringing your body to a healthy body fat level instead of concentrating on a random scale number you think you might want to weigh. You can drop body fat and lean muscle tissue and still be what is termed skinny fat despite reaching the goal weight you set for yourself. Skinny fat is no healthier than just being fat. And being as you can have a false sense of security about your health based solely on your weight, you stand a greater risk of health issues that will take you down because of lack of awareness.
  9. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Abs are made by proper diet. All the abdominal work in the world will not give you a 6 pack if you still eat poorly.
  10. You cannot spot reduce fat on your body. Think about this and re-read number 9.

Find an exercise activity that you enjoy. Make it fun and you are going to stick with it much longer.

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