Sunday Tips for a Good Monday


We have a tendency to “let our hair down” on the weekend and then have hell to pay on Monday morning. Incorporate these tips into your afternoon for a good start on the week.

1- Catch some ZZZ’s. Quite often we tend to try to cram too much into the weekend and we’re exhausted on Monday. Take advantage of having some down time and do just that. Lay down and get some sleep. Both athletic and cognitive performance are decreased when we’re sleep deprived. To have energy and clarity of thought we need rest. Adequate rest is one of the three components of good health. Read David’s  article, “Fitness Triad” for more understanding on these necessary elements of good health. Search the title in the search box below.

2-Avoid conflict. Don’t  entertain thoughts of conflict and avoid drama over the weekend to wake up with peace on Monday morning. Our activities on Sunday afternoon will be a part of Monday morning. Fill your soul with good things to enrich your life.

3-Eat well. If you don’t  want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, don’t. Create simple, healthy, economic meals at home with wholesome ingredients. Eating out all weekend causes Monday morning bloat and bloat will make you sluggish and depressed. Restaurant  food is full of sodium and added sugars, both of which will cause you to retain excess fluid. We tend to overeat at restaurants and that is just extra bulk to haul around in our gut. Eat simple, clean food and start Monday light on your feet. There are many recipes here on the blog for simple, clean, no added sugars, economic food and they’re  easy to prepare. Search any word from pizza to brownies to find what you want.

4- Take a walk. Walking outside increases the GABA in your brain. GABA is your calming neurotransmitter. If the weather is not ideal for walking outside, jump on a treadmill or lift weights or just put on some music and dance. All forms of exercise increase various neurotransmitters and fight mental fatigue and depression. Always get your doctor’s  permission  before attempting any activity.

5- Organize. Don’t  spend too much time doing this or your off day turns into a work day, but just a little organization on Sunday afternoon will make Monday much better. Plan your meals, maybe prep breakfast or pack a lunch. Plan your exercise for Monday, figuring out exactly  how you fit it in and then work that plan. Knowing what you will eat and how you will exercise will take a lot of anxiety out of Monday morning. You will be able to just get up and go, knowing that the important elements of your self care are already in place.

6- Spend time with someone who is good for you. Walk away from all negativity and delve deeply into conversation with a trusted friend. Having that connection with a like minded individual  who has your best interest at heart increases your serotonin levels in your brain. These close relationships cause a release of oxytocin that is involved in serotonin production. Most antidepressants boost serotonin because it is your feel good hormone. These chemicals also repress fear and anxiety.

7- Do what you love. Sometimes we feel bad simply because we’re  not doing anything we enjoy.  Read a book, watch a movie, climb a mountain, whatever gives you that feeling that you have escaped gravity for a moment. Your mind will be refreshed and your body will reap the benefits. When we truly relax, cortisol and adrenaline production are decreased. Cortisol is a cause of fat depositing around the waist. Relax already!

8- Do a little extra self care to feel ready to take on the world Monday morning. This includes you, Gentlemen. Give yourself a quick manicure or lay out your favorite outfit. Give yourself a really good, close shave and make plans to crash early to smooth your skin. You might put on a facial mask and relax for a few minutes. Being well groomed releases endorphins, the stuff involved in “Runner’s  High”.

We alone are responsible for our health both physical and mental. While there are contributing genetic factors, the bulk of our state of mind comes from what we do, or don’t do. The best life can be destroyed by poor choices and the seemingly worst life can become amazing with good choices. You have the power to create your entire life, now get going, Monday awaits.


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  1. David Yochim says:

    We usually know before hand if our Monday is going to suck. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to be proactive about making it a positive day before it even begins. These are excellent tips in this article on how to be proactive about your day.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you, David.

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