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Do It Anyway


The Facts

There is one thing that is certain. Working to be healthy takes a commitment to yourself and also to those that you love. You obviously need to be healthy for yourself but you can’t help anyone else without taking care of yourself first. There are times that thinking about doing this for yourself may not be inspirational enough. In those times, remember that if you are alive and healthy into a rich old age, you can take care of others. Sometimes that is a stronger motivation.

You First

Quite often people around us resent the time and effort that we spend working out and studying nutrition and planning our days to be maximized to give us the greatest benefit health wise. These same people have no problem with asking us to spend our time and resources on them. What they don’t seem to realize is that the stronger that we are, the longer we can care for them.

Controlling Behavior

There are many people who simply want control of our time and resources. If we invest our time and assets in our health, then the controlling personalities cannot manage them for themselves. Quite often they want to determine how we spend our leisure time, where we work, who we associate with and even minute details of our lives such as when we sleep. They almost always want to control our finances. They may argue about a piece of workout equipment and then make a ridiculous purchase in the same day. Just go ahead, invest in yourself. They will be glad you did when they need you.


The resentment that is fueled by self-care is intense and illogical. I have actually been told that serious problems in other people’s lives, that they have had their entire lives, are my fault because I don’t quit working out. Being health conscious provokes anger in those who are not. It’s quite often pure jealousy. The one’s who make poor health choices, and pay the consequences, are jealous of the commitment and strength shown by others who carry through with good health practices. Honestly, the only thing you can do with this is just keep staying on your Program because if they can make you deviate one time, they will get worse. If this person is not a pivotal individual in your life, drop them fast. Otherwise, they will not rest until they fully undermine you. I have lived this. Get away from these toxic people.

Be Honest With Yourself

Blaming others with our bad behavior is an easier way out of a day full of bad choices than just being honest about our behavior. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, she just wouldn’t hush til I tried it!” That is not a reason to make a bad choice, it’s an excuse. There’s a difference. A reason would be, “My car broke down and I hadn’t eaten all day and the tow truck driver offered me a candy bar.” An excuse is “She wouldn’t hush.” Genuine hunger has to be satiated. Peer pressure is best left for high school and even then, it’s a bad idea.There are methods to overcome peer pressure and the negative influence of others.

1- Spend time with those who resist peer pressure. Learn from them. Read the blog!

2- Learn how to be assertive, say “No!”

3-Ask for help. We both answer comments and questions.

4-Get out of the situation. Go home…

5- Choose your friends carefully.

6- Use the delay tactic. Don’t answer immediately. This will buy you time and then RUN!

7- Think and plan ahead.

8- Provide your own positive influences. Read the blog.

9- Learn to be okay with being alone. Bad social acquaintances are still bad, and bad for you. Be alone rather than with those who are a bad influence.

10- Go with your gut. If a behavior feels like it’s a poor choice, it probably is. Follow your instincts and stick to your Program.

With forethought and determination you can avoid the negative influence of people who work against you. Plan to be healthy and start now. You have nothing to lose except low self esteem. Press in and create your very best self. Do it anyway.

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